Monday, April 30, 2012

Kids Books A to Z: Q is for Queen Vernita

Queen Vernita is a character loosely based on author Dawn Menge's grandmother. In this series of books, Queen Vernita goes on many adventures for a year at a time. Each month she invites someone new to come visit her. Each visit revolves around a certain theme. Each day of the week has a different routine. The visitors and Queen Vernita learn about all kinds of things while they spend time together.

Menge has a history of working with the special needs population, and drew upon those experiences as she created her books. Each one is a great teaching tool, especially when it comes to learning the calendar. Books are a little long for the younger population, but can be broken up to accommodate various lessons. The illustrations leave a bit to be desired, particularly in the earlier books. Many kids can get past that, though, and enjoy the stories. Menge has won several awards for her work.

I have received copies of three of the four books from Dawn Menge, in exchange for doing reviews and interviews with her about them.

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