Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Review of Colorful Tales: The Memoirs of Buz the Bear

Welcome to the book tour for Colorful Tales, a delightful collection of fables for children of all ages. I am sharing a review of the book with you today. After you download your own copy, please enter the giveaway and visit other stops on the tour for even more reviews.

Colorful Tales: The Memoirs of Buz the Bear

In Colorful Tales, lessons of love, acceptance, wonder, humility, joy, and courage are tenderly revealed through the adventures of life-loving Buz the Bear. No ordinary bear cub, Buz surprises and delights as he finds meaning in living everyday bear life. Through his stories, young readers find their own unique experiences given shape and purpose while celebrating their love of fun and adventure, the natural world, and the realness of the spirit.


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**My thoughts**
This is a very sweet collection of tales for children of all ages. I think of them more as fables, as each story within teaches children an important lesson, through life as seen through the eyes of Buz, a Kodiak bear who lives in the Arctic tundra. Buz is a little different from all of the other bears, as he is a bit bigger than them and prefers to spend his time chasing flutterbys and rolling around doing somersaults. But he is also extremely sweet and a character that I think children will easily relate to. And the illustrations are just darling.

Buz and the Flutterbys made me think of holding on to your innocence and being a gentle observer in nature to fully appreciate all of its gifts. It also reminded me of a student I once had who also was accidentally rough with butterflies in nature and learned this same lesson.

Buz Makes a Friend shares about the time Buz met Porky Pine, who is quite different from him. They learn to become friends in spite of their differences. Children learn to give others a chance, even when they seem different on the surface, and to forgive each other.

Buz Meets a Cloud has Buz wondering why he can't be like everything else he sees in nature, like why can't he swim like a salmon? Along the way, he learns to just be himself and to celebrate his own abilities, while also appreciating that others have different skills and talents.

Buz Meets Tiffany is a sweet story where Buz gets lost. As he is crying, a young girl named Tiffany finds him and helps him find his way back. They don't speak the same language, and yet are able to communicate and appreciate each other's company.

Buz and the Acorn reminds children to listen to their parents. Sometimes we may not understand the lessons they are trying to impart, but it's often for our own good. At the same time, this one reminds us that sometimes children have to learn the lesson on their own in order to appreciate the wisdom that their parents have.

Buz and the Beaver Dam helps Buz learn about the importance of cooperation as he watches beavers working together to create a dam.

And finally, Buz Has a Dream is Buz reflecting on all of the lessons he has learned throughout these stories and how wise he has become.

Each tale is also accompanied by at least one Bible verse. Even if you aren't into reading the Bible, I think the stories themselves are worth sharing with all children, as they all hold wonderful lessons within.

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

How to Save the Dragon by Madeleine Matthews

How to Save the Dragon

Wrinkles is an adorable and well balanced elephant. Flappy is a cute and energetic dragon. They live in a wondrous world together, filled with mysteries.

They are each special in their own way and they have super-powers that they can use whenever an emotional ‘alarm’ is triggered.
Wrinkles and Flappy become separated, putting their mission in jeopardy. In this book, you will learn about the two secrets that bring them back together and help them to get back on track and accomplish their mission.

The story, through the characters in this book, represent the process we all go through when controlling or emotions and allows children to visualise this process.

It offers parents simple, helpful prompts in teaching children emotional and impulse control.

It illustrates and describes, through rhyme and funny and accessible characters, the benefits of emotional control of all parts of the brain.

Rhyming lyrics help children to remember to tell the story, enabling them to remember how to access their internal resources in order to process events and emotions.

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About Madeleine Matthews

Certified coach, aspiring contemporary ballerina, grateful wife and mother.

My husband told me that if we want our son to thrive in this world, all we need to do is build his self confidence. So that's how I started reading parenting books, and reached the latest research discoveries in interpersonal biology and brain development.

I am above all, convinced of the immense potential every child has and their absolute innocence; I know from experience that raising kids can often feel quite differently, and challenging.

I am convinced that the way to turn that potential into peaceful family lives and well balanced kids - is both intuition and science (and patience).

My favorite author is Daniel J. Siegel. I absolutely love his approach to discipline as teaching & love how he sheds some light on the most challenging moments in our lives as parents by explaining the biological perspective.

His work was an inspiration for me. I thought that all parents and children should benefit from knowing the science of brain integration and the brain dynamic during a tantrum. This is why, in my book, I created a story line to illustrate a tantrum as an alarm, and also the two characters to explain the wonderful internal resources available for each of us & the power of focusing conscious awareness to activate and grow the more evolved structures in our brains.

I was compensated via Fiverr for sharing this post. I only share those books that I feel will be of interest to my readers. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

Sugarplums and Shooting Stars by Lindsay DeRollo

Sugarplums and Shooting Stars

Emma really wants to become a ballerina, but she can't afford to take ballet lessons. One day, however, a surprise comes in the mail. Emma soon learns about the importance of patience, hard work, and reaching for the stars.

Available in ebook or paperback on Amazon
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About Lindsay DeRollo

Hi, my name is Lindsay DeRollo and I am a [currently] self-published children's book author living in Syracuse, NY. I am a former fine arts and psychology student from Syracuse University and Onondaga Community College. I have always loved to read books, so it comes at no surprise that I have created a book of my own now. I am in the process of re-releasing my 2nd book in my "Sugarplum Stars" series ("Pinky Takes the Stage!") under a new publishing company, so it will no longer be available for purchase here. More to come on that.

I hope you enjoy reading my books! Book #3 ("If the Slipper Fits...", which is the 3rd book in the series) is on the way as well! ~Lindsay

Check out my social media pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shimmeringhope86

Twitter: https://twitter.com/faery86

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-derollo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindsayderolloauthor/

Email: authorlindsayderollo@gmail.com or shimmeringhope86@yahoo.com

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Fun Tongue Twisting ABCs by I. Graham

Fun Tongue Twisting ABCs

Children memorize things very well when learning is based on associations. The Images in this alphabet book aid in building a strong visual association between the object and the letter it represents. The little ones will remember with ease what each letter looks like and how it sounds, because each picture in this book resembles the shape of a letter. In addition, short tongue twisters expand a vocabulary and add a fun challenge for older children and adults alike.


This creative alphabet book takes a different approach to memorizing letters. It uses visual prompts to connect the object and the letter it starts with, which promotes easy learning based on visualization and association. For example, a letter T looks just like a T-shirt and a letter B resembles a Butterfly. There’s a good chance that after reading this book You might hear from your little one:”Look, Cashew looks like C!”. In addition, tongue twisters expand a vocabulary and add a fun challenge for kids and adults.

Review: "This book is so good. My kids loved it. My son especially won't put it down and he has never been interested in learning." - Mary e.

Review: "Wonderful book! Definitely a must to have! Very creative and thoughtful. Great illustrations, such a fun way to learn alphabet for little ones." - Daria

Review: "Kids and parents have fun learning together." - Maria Simpson


About the author: 

A native Russian speaker, a mother of 2 bilingual children, 2 diplomas specialist, kind-hearted and easy going lady, who has written a book in English.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

January $100 #AmazonGiveaway Ends 1/31 #HomeJobsByMom

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Nurturing Steps Children's Books Giveaway

To me, books are the greatest gift that we can give to children. You don't need batteries. They don't break. They aren't loud and obnoxious. (OK, a few may be, but the right books aren't.) And they provide a lifetime of joy and learning that toys cannot. 

Welcome to The Nurturing Steps Childrens Books Giveaway

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

What Christmas Means to Me at the Angel Oak Tree by Mary Lee Kendal

What Christmas Means to Me at the Angel Oak Tree

Doris, the deer, loves to hear all the screams of delight, as
the other animals open the gifts under the twinkling tree light.
All the paper gets thrown this way and that.
Boxes thrown open and some just squished flat.

Join Doris, the deer as she enjoys Christmas with her friends of the forest teaching everyone a valuable lesson about love, giving and family.


About Mary Lee Kendal

Move over Dr. Seuss; Mary Lee Kendal is in town. During Mary’s years as a teacher, she found the best way to teach was to be “entertaining without being entertainment.” She saw how children and teens are extremely creative if you give them a chance. Kids learn in many ways. Some learn through reading, playing, singing, dancing, rhyming, or even drawing. They learn visually, and by writing poetry. They love to express themselves creatively, and her classroom was one place they could do that.

So how did she come up with fun quirky Dr. Seuss type rhyming books? As a kid, she loved to rhyme. She was always encouraged to write, read, rhyme, play, act, sing, dance, and be as creative as possible by her parents. Her social stories are meant to be read together aloud with an adult or older sibling and a child bringing the bond between each other even closer.

All her social stories are meant to educate entertainingly. "If I can help one child feel a little bit better about themselves, build self-confidence, increase self-esteem or handle being bullied, or encourage them to stand up for themselves, or a friend, then I have done what I have set out to do."

Author Links:
Website https://MaryLeekendal.com

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/MaryLeeKendal

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/MaryLeeKendal

Pinterest: http://Pinterest.com/MaryLeeKendal

Thank you!