Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Chasing Butterflies' by Harry Toews

Book blurb from Amazon:

Join Sophia and Matteo who explore the wonders of their grandmother's enchanting rose garden in the search for magic. But is all what it seems? Along the way they discover a world of beauty and kindness as well learning a valuable life lesson. Once finishing the story, you'll be left hungry for more!

When you order now, for a limited time, not only will you get this fantastic book but you'll also receive a special cartoon version of the story at NO EXTRA COST!! Bring the story to life on screen and become immersed in Sophia and Matteo's magical world like never before! To download your free video, please visit our website www.littlelifelessons.ca

For Parents:
Author Harry Towes' "Chasing Butterflies" is the first of six enthralling stories which are not only exciting for kids, but also teach them important moral life lessons in a fun and unique way. These books are a 'must have' for any parent who wants their kids to gain an important set of moral values. Guaranteed to bring enjoyment, smiles and education!

**My thoughts**

I absolutely adore the illustrations in this book. the characters look familiar, which makes you want to connect with them from the very beginning. I also like the avatar for author Harry Toews. He looks like a professor-type character who is going to teach you all kinds of wonderful things.

The idea of a backyard filled with fairies and magic took me back to my own childhood, as that was how I always thought of my father's beautiful gardens. It always seemed like magic when the flowers bloomed. Like Sophia and Matteo, I was always intrigued by the flora and fauna waiting to be discovered.

They don't seem to have a lot of experience with nature, other than what they can find in Abuela's garden. Their opinions about some leaves and bugs being ugly remind me a lot of some of the kids I teach, who haven't yet seen the beauty that can come from supposedly ugly things in nature. You just have to be patient. When the ugly bug that they find turns into a butterfly, they learn that lesson.

This book isn't going to teach children about the science behind butterflies and lotus flowers. It has a deeper message, about loving all things, no matter how they look. It can be used as a supplement to a peace curriculum, as well as in the science area, as a launchpad for discussions in both areas. I think it was a sweet story and look forward to sharing it with my students next school year.

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My name is Harry Toews and I am very pleased to meet you. If there's one thing to concede, it's that no one else can compete with my hairy feet! I grew up in Canada and lived with my Mom, Dad, brother and sister and our three pet dogs but now I live in my own little cottage and people call me Mister!

I went to the same school as my brother and sister at first but the teachers said I was too advanced and to be shifted, and so I said farewell and went to learn new things at The Genius High School for the Gifted. I moved schools when I was ten and it was much better then. I was never very good at sports or singing, but at the new school I made friends and had fun learning. While other boys like to play and run, I loved science and learning for fun.

I don't find it easy to make friends but when I do my friendships never ends. I care for my family and friends very much, some live far away so I write them stories to keep in touch. My stories are fun with a little education, you read them at home, with friends or on vacation. I've written a series of six books called Little Life Lessons, they tell stories of Sophia and Matteo and each its own message.

If you would like to learn more about all my adventures, you can visit my website/blog www.littlelifelessons.ca

See you around ...


Saturday, July 27, 2013

'Sleepytown Beagles: The Lemonade Stand' by Timothy Glass

The fifth book in the popular series introduces a charming new look for the loveable Sleepytown Beagles. The Lemonade Stand is a heartfelt and humorous tale of Tyler the Beagle’s desire to help Ben save money. Although he means well, Tyler learns that there is a right and wrong way to do things and that we can learn from our mistakes. Come share this entertaining journey. Whether you are Sleepytown Beagles fan or just discovering the series, this hardcover edition will be a favorite in your child’s library.

Rave reviews:
Susan Saunders, B.S., M.Ed. ~~
Those loveable, teachable beagles will once again inspire and pique your children’s interest in their latest story, The Lemonade Stand. This delightful story teaches that bad choices have direct consequences and how to deal constructively with a bad choice or mistake. Leave it to those beagles to use this mistake as a way of learning right from wrong.
Denise Landry ~~
Another beagle breakthrough with the Sleepytown Beagles, The Lemonade Stand You will "howl" happily as a particular beagle's innocent antics instill integrity and responsibility in those who partake in this thoughtful and charming tale!

Book links
Available in hardcover and ecopy
Author Bio:

Timothy Glass was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Central New Mexico. Tim graduated from the University of New Mexico. He later spent some time in New England and now lives in Port Orange, Florida.

Glass is an award winning author, illustrator, cartoonist, and writing instructor. Tim has worked as a ghostwriter and a story consultant.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Review of 'Why Is the Sky Blue?' by Shabana Muhajir

Children's Book

While playing at the beach, two boys begin to wonder why the sky is blue and ask their mother to explain the reason to them. As they are very young, their mother needs to decide how best to explain to her boys. She discusses the phenomenon of the blue sky in a manner that even her six year old can understand. While addressing their initial query, the boys come up with several other related questions, and the mother answers them all with simple facts and drawings. To make it easier and more interesting, she performs a fun experiment with her boys, which shows them why the sky is blue at sunrise and red/orange at sunset.

The book is a must have for all those curious kids who are trying to make sense of the world around them, and for all those parents who want to satisfy their curiosity.

**My thoughts**

This children's book is definitely very informative. It is geared more toward early elementary, as opposed to preschool. Some kindergartners will absorb some of the information as well.I think the real pictures of children will appeal to readers.

The layout reminds me a bit of an early textbook, in that extra bits of information are presented in the middle of the narrative and there is a glossary at the end.

I like how it provides an experiment to try at the end, to help children to better understand the science behind the rainbow. This part will be quite useful to any adults who are working with children on this scientific concept. I also liked the interaction between the boys and their mother.

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Also available at Book Depository

Shabana, a Canadian, spent her early years in various countries and now lives with her husband, two sons in Singapore.

She has a Master’s degree in Education from Newfoundland and a Master’s in Business Administration from Windsor, Canada.

She worked for a telecommunication company in Canada and Singapore for thirteen years as a marketing and business development professional. She’s currently working as a Director at a consulting firm, and serving as the Vice President/room parent co-ordinator of the PTA at her sons’ school.

She loves to read both fiction and non-fiction books. Her kids are also avid readers and love performing experiments and finding out how things work. She conducts weekly experiments with them based on their interest and level of understanding.

It was her boys’ curiosity and endless questions that led her to write her first book, Why is the Sky Blue?

She plans to write a series of non-fiction books on thought-provoking and interesting topics for children.

Facebook page is www.shabanamuhajirauthor
twitter page is @shabanamuhajir
webpage is www.shabanamuhajir.com

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FREE July 17-18 'Louie & Lilly's Nap Time' by David Scott

An Amazon Bestseller in Children's Books and Children's eBooks for Kindle

Lovable yorkie puppies Louie and Lilly are very sleepy after playing all morning, so they set out on a quest to find the best places to nap. With 36 beautiful illustrations and a fun, alternating rhyme scheme, this is an adorable children's book to read aloud for nap time, bedtime or any time.
Preschoolers will engage with the sweet nursery rhymes and lush artwork, and older kids can read right along. This rhyming picture book for kids may soon become one of your favorite children's bedtime stories.
Formatted for kid-friendly reading on all Kindle models and free Kindle reading apps, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Android devices.

Preview a page from the book:
FREE on Amazon 7/17-7/18

Reviews from some Amazon readers:
"Beautifully Illustrated book perfect for Parent-Child quality time"
- Blueram 
". . . a delightful story, as well as some of the best illustrations in a children's book"
- Cindi H. Peery 
"I'm an adult, and I enjoyed this. I'm sure children will absolutely love it"
-Derek L. 
"I like the companionship the puppies had. A good lesson for real brothers and sisters."
- Mary Ann Gioscio 
"a really nice addition to your kindle children's book library"
- Roberta "Bobbi Roque Hornik" 
"one of the books your child will read again and again until that book is memorized."
- Vickie Woodard

Friday, July 12, 2013

'Millie and Cupcake' by Mildred Potash

For many children, the experience of bonding with and loving a first pet is an unforgettable time in their lives. Millie and Cupcake is the charming and educational story of a girl and her companion animal … a different animal than many kids think of when choosing a pet. Cupcake is a rat, and readers will be enchanted as they learn what rats are really like: clean, loving, highly intelligent, trainable personalities who add immeasurable value to people’s lives. Follow along with Millie as she learns how to take care of her sociable, curious, and affectionate best friend.

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Also available through Outskirts Press.


Mildred Potash was born in Brooklyn, New York. She has always been an animal lover. Her very first pets were two rats, and during her life she has enjoyed the companionship of hamsters, guinea pigs, two ferrets, a cat, and two dogs. Mildred is an outspoken advocate for animal rights, and her appreciation of the warmth and intelligence of rats inspired her to write this book.

I feel this story needed to be told because rats are the most misunderstood animals. They are clean, intelligent, loving, and they make great companions. Their bad reputation is completely undeserved. I love rats and all animals and I think people should not judge them so quickly. I also believe my story brings a good message to kids about taking care of a pet.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

'A Kitty and His Dream' by A.J. Fontaine

Title: A Kitty and His Dream

Children’s Picture book

ISBN-13: 978-1484976111

ISBN-10: 1484976118

Dreams Aren't Just for People Anymore...

Meet Outside Kitty. Just like you, Outside Kitty has great dreams and aspirations of bigger and better things just like the rest of us, but things might be a bit different...and much more challenging!

While we may have dreams of getting a better job, or finding the love of our life, dreams of a cat can be MUCH more different! In fact, their dreams can be the simplest things we take for granted...like having a wonderful home.

And this is exactly what Outside Kitty seeks the most, a real home he can call his own!

Outside Kitty dreams of having a wonderful home of his very own and this begins his unique quest in a vast world! But of course, with every new and exciting quest, there come challenges and pitfalls one must overcome, and Outside Kitty is no different!

In A.J. Fontaine's wonderfully illustrated story, "A Kitty and His Dream", you will be taken along the journey with Outside Kitty, and watch as he faces many challenges along his path to a new home!

In fact, one of the challenges Outside Kitty will endure is "Kitty Jail"! But how did he end up there? Will he even make it out of "Kitty Jail" and persevere to reach his final destination of a new home?

All the answers await you in this wonderful book full of kitty adventures, all FULLY illustrated and a BLAST to read! If you love cats then you will love the wonderful adventures found in "A Kitty and His Dream".

Join Outside Kitty now and enjoy the journey with him and find out if he finally finds that dream home he has always wanted!

Available in both paperback and e-book on Amazon

'My Friend Edwind' by Susanna Thomson

Dear Parents and Grandparents,
This is the start-up of a series of children's books about William who just started school and his dream about having his very own dog.

This children's story book series starts with William dreaming about having a puppy and continues with his dream come true with Jack Russel puppy Edwind and their daily life and adventures together.

I have written each chapter to be perfect for a bedtime story making the young listener falling asleep smiling and feeling good, and believing that all dreams can come true with time.

I, the author, am a mother of four and a grandmother of two, and my middle daughter Sarah, the mother of my two grandchildren, is the illustrator of these children's books.

It is our hope to create joy and good feeling to an audience of children between 4 - 8 years. We would very much appreciate to get feedback from our young audience with ideas about what adventures they would like to see
in future children's books in this series.

We take our young readers views very seriously so please let them know we read carefully all their reviews added here.

Happy reading!
Susanna and Sarah 

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

'Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help the Blind in This Coloring Book' by Daniel Saynuk


From the book jacket:

This fun and unique coloring book is a great way to introduce children to the world of a guide dog. Help educate your child while they have fun with Guide Doggie! Meet Guide Doggie when he is a puppy, then follow him on his adventures during guide dog training. Learn what a guide dog does during the day, including the chores he completes for his handlers in order to keep Guide Doggie ready to serve. Your child will learn how guide dogs help the blind live more independently, and how dogs can be heroes too! With narration of the book done by a guide dog each page is a fun an educational adventure for all ages. Your child can color the pages, making it an interactive as well as educational learning experience. Fill in the blank pages let your child get involved in telling the story, and fun bonus games including a word search, crossword puzzle and, word jumbles based on the story will help your child remember what they learned!

"...very entertaining book for a child to work through as well as provide valuable information concerning the duties of a guide dog and their benefit to someone who is blind." -Readers Favorite

Buy the coloring book on Amazon!

Also available on CreateSpace

Also available are the accompanying picture ebook and printed picture book!
About the Author:

Legally blind writer Daniel Saynuk has a special fondness for guide dogs. His own beloved guide dog helps him more easily live his life in his home town of Baltimore, Maryland. Daniel began writing stories while pursuing his Business Administration degree, and established his own company to bring this book to life. He is passionate about educating others about the valuable services guide dogs provide to the visually impaired.

Visit his website at http://danielsaynuk.com