Thursday, July 16, 2015

#KindleCountdown Special! 'Cats Fun Facts About Felines: Picture Book Trivia Game' by Fun Facts Freddie


Cat trivia game for kids makes learning new stuff fun and easy. All trivia questions are illustrated with full-color pictures. You'll enjoy funny pictures that delight the eye and brain teasers to encourage learning. My quiz games will keep you entertained as you guess the answers to dozens of trivia questions about cats, dogs, birds and horses. These quizzes are easy enough for children, as well as fun for adults.
Kindle Countdown Special 7/16-7/18

About the author:

Fun Facts Freddie has traveled the globe in search of fun facts about animals. From dusty old book stores to the end of the Internet, her search for trivia never ends. She's committed to delivering high quality, educational and of course entertaining books for your reading pleasure.