Tuesday, September 27, 2016

FeFe Loves Everyone by Marsha Mayberry

FeFe Loves Everyone

FeFe Loves Everyone is a book for children to learn and love for all ages. However, this book is for the ages of 3-7, they will learn, love and adore FeFe and her friends. Look for more adventures from FeFe and her friends...

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Meet Fefe Ferret

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A sneak peek inside

About Marsha Mayberry

Marsha Mayberry born in 1972 in Nacogdoches TX, reared in a loving environment by two people that will never be forgotten. Mayberry is the mother of 4 Children, 4 Daughters and 1 Son. They all range from age twenty eight to seven, grandmother of three, two boys and one girl. Mayberry is married to a Chicago Native. They now reside in Cleburne TX with their two youngest children. She has owned several successful small businesses, worked in the medical field for several years, owned and co-owned trucking and courier businesses, and been in ministry since 2000. Upon the many trials and tribulations in her life, it was laid upon her heart to write books. This was always something she aspired to do, yet never really found the time to walk in her passion. Mayberry was always busy earning money, raising children, and caring for family. She was so tied up meeting the daily demands of life, and doing ministry, she failed to realize that her life did not belong to her, or her purpose, everyone else owned it accept her. Mayberry felt she was much too restrained to focus on something so juvenile, yet so important. As she decided to follow her passion and lifelong dream, she never imagined what she was led to do with her gifts of creative and imagination, which was to write children’s books. This was something that Mayberry could have never imagined in her wildest dreams to complete during her lifetime, due to past, pain, shame, and detached feelings. Mayberry always had a special place in her heart for children and she never understood why. The feeling was so powerful for every child that she could never say no to them. Mayberry also helped raise many unwanted and uncared for children. Several of children’s friends always ran to her, reached out to her when things were going wrong at home, and they each called her momma, because that is exactly what she was in their eyes, a second mother. The shock of the assignment stems from past experiences of meager beginnings, lack of love, support, abandonment, and little to no protection from bad people in this world. Especially, the two people that where responsible for her being born. Upon careful consideration, mediation, and prayer, many years later Mayberry decided to obey the assignment. She finally accepted her purpose in life, even after all the challenges she faced, she was blessed to be chosen to do something so powerful, write stories. Stories that have the ability to impact and change the world of our children and many of their parents as well, by reaching out to them and addressing issues that we seem to feel our children should ignore, pretend to understand, practice what they have learned at home which may or may not be very nice. We really expect church, and not speaking about things to cause them to overlook all that is going on in the world, when they clearly see and hear it all, yet they do not understand. The series caters to all ages, races, genders, beliefs, and maybe even their parents as well. Mayberry feels that although we have all come from different places in life, some good, and some bad and some very ugly, we all deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness and respect. Even the education system may have a change of heart to touch the lives of so many children they see every day, with a bigger message then what they see and hear. Mayberry began writing in 2013 along with help and ideas from someone that helped push her along the way. Helping her to prepare her mind with the right perspective. Also by giving her the ambition that was needed to move forward in spite of any excuse. The books began to come alive. Mayberry’s creative juices were flowing and they are unstoppable, along with many fictional characters as well. In 2015 Marsha was led to begin publishing the books, one after the other. The channels of creativity was flowing, but along with that came many delays, challenges, cross roads, and even great losses along the way, yet she persevered. After many mistakes, errors, mess ups, let downs, flawed companies. Mayberry ask her supreme spiritual guide and power for direction to help her proceed with what she was put her to do. The answer was crystal clear; this assignment was never for fame, notoriety, publicity, or wealth. It was to be protected with care, and seen through to the very end of each series no matter what the cause or sacrifice. He would cause the people to see the importance of these books, and they would then see the value and influence it took to carry it out. My job was to simply create, and I intend to obey that to the last. There was a purpose that needed to happen, and it will do exactly that. The spirit told me to keep writing, and he or she would come and obey what they were instructed to do just as it was ordered to be done concerning each book, and project. There was never a question in Mayberry’s mind that she could give up ever, even when she felt like it. Finally, her questions and request was answered, her higher power sent her the team that she needed to move the project into the right direction. Marsha developed a new hope, fresh love, passion, commitment and fulfillment for her assignment. While she thought her sign was pointing west, it was always pointing east, telling her go east, don’t turn back no matter what “follow the light”. The people and the answers are waiting for you there. The message was clear about the book series, children’s clothing line, it was aimed at little girls, and it was targeted at broken communities, families, homes, situations, systems, divisions, injustices. The assignment is to reach the center of peace in order to refocus our children. The lesson is to help us all unclean terrible learned thinking, behavior, and negative actions, words, and outcomes.

Upon Mayberry’s decision to follow her path, she was forced to address all situations that impact our children. Her passion for children and animals became the driving force for the books, and soon to come clothing line. It was through Mayberry’s modesty, greatness would come. There will never be credit for Marsha Mayberry, it will be given and forwarded to change, peace, kindness, respect, justice, and unity. No matter what our beliefs are we can make a positive impact in our world, if we desire better for our children. Giving others the opportunity to remain free of stigma, broken system, and freedom to be who they desire to be without unfair judgment or difference. Mayberry created the fictional characters along with Ferret County as the dream fairytale she had always dreamed of. Ferret County was a happy place for her inside. It is filled all the wonderful things, places, people, and things that all children deserve to experience. Ferret County is not about the privileged, underserved, poor, wealthy, race, religion, beliefs, disbeliefs, upper or lower class. It is about how those that have should share, those that don’t should strive harder, those that have been mistreated, be kinder, know the story before you pass judgment, and give all people a chance to change. Mayberry created a happy place within herself to share with others filled with peace, harmony, and protection against those that have been shunned, mistreated, and broken by hate. There is a valuable lesson if we allow ourselves to listen to the voice within. No one deserves to be hated, mistreated, profiled, and put down by anyone. This planet is our home, and we must all learn to do more to create boundaries of love, peace, unity, and destroy separatism in order to live in a better world. Although we can agree to disagree, there is never an excuse to put others down, and lift others up, we are the same no matter what our race, gender, beliefs, or upbringing was.