Saturday, July 16, 2016

Baby Wants Mama by Nancy Loewen on sale!

Baby Wants Mama

In this fun, family-themed picture book, another busy day has come to an end. Everyone in the family wants something. But what do they ALL want? Supper!
Sale-priced through August 5th!

About Nancy Loewen

Nancy Loewen has published nearly 130 books for children, including The LAST Day of Kindergarten, Baby Wants Mama, the Writer’s Toolbox series, and The Other Side of the Story series. She’s received awards from the American Library Association, the New York Public Library, and the Association of Educational Publishers. Nancy lives in Saint Paul and is a devoted walker and collector of weird things. Find her on Facebook and visit her website at

Monday, July 11, 2016

Lulu and Lainey...a French Yarn by Lois Petren

Lulu and Lainy...a French Yar

Lulu loved to knit.

So begins the charming tale of a little French girl and her favorite ball of yarn. In a flurry of activity after a soccer game, the beloved ball of yarn is lost – or so we think. A heart-warming adventure ensues involving a most unlikely cast of characters.

For every child who has lost a favorite object – may it always find its way back home…

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