Wednesday, January 14, 2015

'The Furry Adventures and Tales of Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo: Be My Valentine' by Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo's Mommy'

The Furry Adventures and Tales of Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo is a series of adventurous tales about a young angora rabbit, Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo. With parents, grandparents and friends (both kids and feathered and furry ones), Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo travels and experiences lots of wonderful adventures. And through the bunny's day-to-day adventures, Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo learns important lessons about life, love, family, friends, compassion and kindness. 

In this tale (the 7th book in the series) Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo celebrates Valentine's Day with family and friends and learns that love is UNIVERSAL! 

These books are perfect for parents to read aloud to their pre-readers (from ages 0 to 5)

About the author:
Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo's Mommy has loved bunnies from the time that she was a little girl. Flippy-Floppy Mopsy-Boo, however, holds a very special place in her heart!

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