Monday, June 23, 2014

Review of 'Ladybugs Have Lots of Spots' by Sheryl and Simon Shapiro

Book description:

Circles can be fat or thin / There can be lot--or one / And round things can be big or small / And learning can be fun.

This innovative new picture book encourages children, through poetry and photographs, to explore the idea of what is round--from the spots on a ladybug's back to a ring on a finger or a wheel on a bike. Using words such as "dot," "spot," "loop," "hoop," and "ring," it shows that round things aren't all alike, but can be anything!

A perfect companion to Zebra Stripes Go Head to Toe, the simple text and vibrant design of Ladybugs Have Lots of Spots encourage children to look for and identify similarly shaped objects in their own environments.


**My thoughts**

The rhyming prose is catchy and will make children want to listen. I love the real photographs that are used, to help children better connect the concept of round items to the world around them. They connect objects that are different, which can help with later analytical thinking, such as rings on a hand versus on a cat, or wheels on a car versus lights on a stoplight. What makes me crazy is the title is misdirecting. When you look at the title, you are expecting to read a book about ladybugs, not looking at shapes that are round. That doesn't mean that kids aren't going to still understand the concepts being taught within the title. It can still be a cute addition to a children's library.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, June 2, 2014

'Abigail Learns to Swim' by Lynda Raymond

Abigail Learns to Swim
Written by Lynda Raymond
Illustrated by Elly Color


Abigail is afraid to swim! She imagines monsters waiting for her in the pool. Even her best friend, Elmer, can’t convince her to go swimming. Find out how Abigail overcomes her fear in Abigail Learns to Swim. A cozy read and the perfect chance to talk to your child about trying new things and overcoming fear! FREE Bonus Video-Book Included!


Abigail shaded her eyes and wiped five drips of sweat from her forehead.

“It’s hot enough to fry bacon on the sidewalk,” said her friend Elmer.

Abigail plopped down beside him in the shade of a huge oak tree. In the sizzling air, the leaves on the tree drooped like wilted balloons.

“Let’s go swimming!” said Elmer. “Come on! I have a pool in my backyard.”

Worry wiggled its way through Abigail’s tummy. “Go without me,” she said.

“But everything is more fun when you bring a friend,” said Elmer.

Abigail stood and brushed away the dirt sticking to her sweaty legs. “Then you’ll have to bring a different friend. I’m not going.”

She marched off toward her house. Elmer ran after her. “But Abigail, give me two good reasons why you won’t go swimming.”

Abigail was too embarrassed to admit she was afraid of the water. So she stuck her nose high in the air. “I don’t even have to give one good reason,” she said. “It’s my private beeswax.”

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About the Author

Lynda Raymond is a multi-published author and an educator who adores young children, reading, and learning. She loves spending time writing and enjoying her grandchildren. She also loves to travel and explore other cultures.

Children are Lynda's passion. Her goal is to entertain and build the love of reading in your children while sharing valuable life lessons.


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