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Check out the Tojo and Nelly's Cat Tales series by Tamara Forge

It’s a busy run up to Christmas in Tojo and Nelly’s household. The snow is glistening, the tree is twinkling and poor owner, Ben is whizzing about like a whirlwind! He must finish all his baking for the Christmas Fair and still have time left to practise his marvellous magic act. Tojo and Nelly have been practising too and the whole village is out on the green to see everyone perform. The thing is, Nelly’s not too sure if magic is one of her many talents…

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Benson is one of those big, brave, stripy tom cats. Every neighbourhood has one, they like to be their own boss. There are a few phobias though, that even the bravest brutes can’t overcome. On this journey we see Benson conquering his deepest fears, with a little help from Nelly.

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Klaus is a guard dog by heart and he just loves to guard his master’s art studio. One thing he likes to make sure of is that no one goes near the new paintings! Tojo and Nelly just happened to be passing and curious, as cats are…

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Madame Abigail is so elderly and frail, she seems to be struggling to do the simplest of things! It’s lucky for her that Tojo and Nelly step in, to help her have a most mischievous day. She seems to have the glint back in her eye and a wide furry smile to match.

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Tommy and Lilly are the best of cat friends, they live together and go to parties together. They meet fellow fancy dressers Tojo and Nelly too. Friends this close love to dress up together don’t they? Until one day Tommy learns that keeping his best friend happy, may mean a trip out of his comfort zone!

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Lucy is one of life’s ‘thinkers’, she loves to analyse everything and just can’t shake the feeling that someone is missing from her life. This story confronts the challenges of loss and reconciliation, in such a sweet and friendly way. Did Tojo mention he had a sister?

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Tojo the cat has a lovely life, so why does he feel so lonely? Yet, when he finally gets a new companion – Nelly, he feels anything but lonely! This tale of change, rivalry… and finally friendship, will warm the hearts of those reading or being read to.

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Wookie the dog has an identity crisis. He feels he has the suave sensitivity of a cat, but yet he sure does like a good bone. Is it possible he could just be a dog that’s a bit cattish? Maybe he’s just a cat loving dog? Tojo and Nelly won’t care either way, when Wookie saves the day!

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Author info:

Tamara Forge is the writer who brings Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales to life. She works closely with Maria Merrett to transform her wonderful ideas into words on pages. Maria and Tamara work together on original photos of each real-life pet, before transforming them into the lovable characters you read about in our stories.

Tamara has worked as a children’s writer for many years, in the capacity of a ghost-writer. In our series Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales, we are glad to be able to put real names to the talented creators. All of our contributors are credited with their true identities, even each charismatic pet, as you will see from our photo and portrait galleries

Tamara still works as a ghost-writer, but more so as a named author and is in the process of publishing numerous other titles, for more on her work please visit: this site will also be updated with links to Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

'The Monster Store' by Orit Avni-Barron, M.D.


Dealing with monsters is no easy task. While some people try to deny their existence, others fight, trying to make them leave. But as every child and parent knows, some monsters just won’t go away! In this well rhymed book Dr. Avni-Barron, a Harvard psychiatrist, offers a new, delightful way of dealing with this challenging situation and the fears it represents.

Read an excerpt:
"Want a monster to banish your scariest fears,
Or with tails that are sharp as a tack?
Or maybe a monster with big rubber ears
That can stretch out for miles and snap back?"

About the author:

My name is Orit Avni-Barron. I'm a psychiatrist and a mother of two.

My book, "The Monster Store" is a well rhymed, Dr. Seuss style children's book (though parents and grandparents find it useful and appealing as well) depicting a fun and effective way to deal with fears (=monsters).

Friday, December 20, 2013

'Princess Ruby's Make-Up Ballet Class' by Deborah Bradley

Book blurb:

Princess Books That Empower: From Amazon Best Selling Author Deborah Bradley

Kids (even princesses) have moments of being brave every day. Often it goes unnoticed, even to them.

In Princess Ruby: The Make-Up Ballet Class, Princess Ruby tackles a new and seemingly scary situation and learns what it really means to be brave in everyday life.

Princess Ruby and Queen Jacaranda were quietly enjoying high tea in the royal tea room when Princess Ruby suddenly looked up at her mom and exclaimed, “I can’t do it!”

Surprised, Queen Jacaranda asked, “You can’t do what?”

“I can’t go to the make-up ballet class,” responded the princess. “I’m just too scared.” And she started to cry.

Free Bonus: Princess Ruby Audiobook inside!

- A great way to help children gain a healthy perspective on things that are new and uncomfortable.
- Newly added Glossary Of Dance Terms used by this princess ballerina.
- Inspired and happy ending that leaves your little princess (or prince) in a great place for sleep!


Later that day as they sat for high tea, Queen Jacaranda told Princess Ruby something very important.

“Honey,” she began, “I was so proud of you today. Do you know that what you did was BRAVE?

“Really?” asked Princess Ruby, a little surprised.

“Really,” said the queen. “Being brave is about being nervous or scared to do something and then doing it anyway. That’s exactly what you did today. You were really brave.”

Available in paperback and on Kindle


Deborah Bradley grew up as a proud Bostonian; She spent years enjoying baseball games at Fenway Park, summer vacations on Cape Cod, and riding "the T" to get wherever she needed.

In her mid-twenties, life took her to the other side of the world, and what started out as 4 months in Australia turned into 10 amazing years.

While in Oz, Deborah married a "good Aussie bloke", produced a blond-haired, blued-eyed daughter (something she couldn't have imagined in her wildest dreams), and then convinced them to spend some time on "her side of the world."

Deborah is now the mother of three charismatic little girls who stretch and challenge her daily while, simultaneously, giving her the most extraordinary joy.

She is truly grateful to all of them for having inspired her and given her the confidence to become a children's book author. Without them, the possibility would never have been born.

Check out Deborah Bradley's other books at:

Twitter: Page:

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#FREE 12/17-12/18 'Truthy Ruthy's Christmas Surprise' by Sari Barel

Blurb from Amazon:

Give your child the very best Christmas gift! A new interactive children's book for Christmas, from the author of the #1 best-selling, Truthy Ruthy.

How can little Ruthy surprise her family with Christmas gifts as grownups do? Being only five-years-old, she cannot drive a car or go shopping alone…

Little Ruthy has no idea how to deal with buying Christmas gifts by herself, until Santa Claus pays her a visit and leaves her a box filled with very strange gifts…
What’s in the box?

** Here’s the surprise - three possible endings! **

This interactive children's book offers three different endings that represent different ways of thinking.

1. Pessimistic thinking brings disappointment.
2. Positive thinking leads to remarkable ideas.
3. Innovative thinking leads to great ideas for all.

You, too, will be surprised!
** Surprise! **
Don’t Forget To Download Your Free Gift!
A Template For “My First Book” For Young Children.

This book comes with an unusual gift; a template that allows children to make their very own children’s picture book. Like Ruthy’s Christmas Surprise, the template provides space for children to create three possible endings to their own special stories. Download the template and let your child express their thoughts in story form.
Give your child the very best Christmas gift - A Values Children's Book:

~ For children:
The interactive children's book options are so exciting!

~ For parents:
This Values book teaches a few life lessons, helping young children to think outside the box from a young age, without our needing to say too much!

This interactive children's book for ages 4-8 serves as excellent learning-to-read material for preschoolers and beginner readers. It also serves as an enjoyable anytime activity for the whole family. Read the story to your children before bedtime and watch them go to sleep with a big smile...

This surprising Values book is highly recommended.
From the Author:
“The idea of making an interactive children’s book for ages 4-8 with three different endings will help children to learn that there’s always more than one solution to any of life’s little dilemmas. As an international expert in creative thinking, I’ve always emphasized to parents that giving children the freedom to choose, and find their own solutions, is a great gift that will make a huge difference in their lives.” Sari Barel.
**FREE** 12/17-12/18

Preview some of the book's pages here.

#FREE 12/17-12/18 'The Adventures of Crog and Zog in the Land of Frogs and Toads' by Emily A. Cabot


Frog Toad adventures will keep your child delighted as this precious frog tale unfolds. In The Adventures of Crog And Zog In The Land Of Frogs And Toads, frog and toad are friends, teaching your children important lessons about getting along with those who are different from them. This story features the frog prince Crog and his friend, Zog, who decide that when frog and toad are friends, everyone's life is better off.

In this delightful book, your child will stay on the edge of his seat while learning of the trouble that frog and toad get into throughout the pages of this book. Your young child will meet the friendly ducks who can make frogs fly,and learn about the thrills of adventure while our young stars visit the place where frog and toad all year live together. Because of the exciting nature of this children's book, like the other book in the frog and toad series, your children will learn that being brave enough to face the unknown can take them to marvelous places that they had only before dreamed of visiting.

Emily A. Cabot goes all out in this frog tale, giving children the opportunity to learn important lessons while remaining safely within the realm of comfort for a children's frog prince story. Since frog and toad are friends in this book, your children are introduced to the always challenging concept that just because you are different from someone else doesn't mean that you can't be friends.

Within this second book featuring the frog prince Crog, your child will be delighted with colorful drawings and playful illustrations that bring the frog and toad drama to life in your hands. Your child will want to read about frog and toad all year long, quickly becoming one of their favorite tales to be told at the bedtime setting

As frog and toad together gives the story a feeling of unity and delight, your child will fall in love with these playful characters from the frog and toad series all over again in this newest adventure. 

The time spent with your child reading these tales will create fond bedtime memories that your child will cherish for the rest of their lives. Don't delay, get your copy of this tale of frog toad today, and open your child's mind to the delights and wonders of the imaginative world of Emily A. Cabot's delightful story.
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**For a limited time, you can also download a FREE mp3 audiobook version.**

Author Bio:

Emily A Cabot was raised in a country setting near Towson, Maryland. She loved her country home and vowed city life was not for her. Her Mom and Dad would take her to New Hampshire and Vermont in the summer and she was determined that one day New England would be her home.

Emily attended the University of Vermont in Burlington Vermont and when her husband Mark was transferred to the Chicago area, she completed her degree at Northwestern University.

It was a dream come true when her husband Mark was transferred back to Vermont. They decided to live in the Northern part of the state near the Canadian border.

As a child, Emily would love to write short children's stories and she decided to begin her writing career. Her first real story is about frogs, thus the name "The Adventure of Crog the Frog Prince".

She wants her books to be easy to read with great illustrations and lessons of life for young children.

She and Mark love reading stories to her children, Asa and Eli.

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#FREE 12/14-12/18 'La La the Ladybug' by J.J. Beavis


Nothing says love like a young girl's care of a ladybug with a broken leg. La La is an adorable ladybug who is under the care of five-year-old Pepper, who provides La La with necessities and comfort while her leg heals. However, Pepper has a mischievous older brother who likes to torment La La. When La La is separated from her life with Pepper, La La experiences the world how most ladybugs see it... and how scary it can be outside of a comfortable glass jar. But have no fear: there is a happy ending.

Read reviews:
"Author and illustrator J.J. Beavis crafts an adorable story of friendship that I would recommend to very beginning readers. Children who aren't quite ready to read can still appreciate this story - it has a basic beginning, climax, and finale that any child can enjoy. The accompanying illustrations fit the story; they are basic but also correlate very well. La La is an adorable little ladybug, and you can't help but feel for her when you see her broken leg. Emotions are visible to enhance the text, and the colors are vivid and child-appropriate.

You can't help but cheer for La La and her happy ending. I'm already wondering how long it will take for La La's leg to heal. What other adventures will she get into? Will big brother Tyler make a reappearance? Will La La grow with Pepper? The author definitely leaves this title open for a series. As a children's librarian, I can see reading this story to toddlers and early preschoolers as part of a friendship-themed storytime. It's an excellent introduction to little ones on what it means to be a good friend versus a bad friend." Miss Olivia Librarian book reviews

"This is one of the most adorable children's books I have ever had the pleasure to read. I became immersed in the illustrations and the charming cast of characters. Little ones will love this." Jenny Mason, author of Monsters Want to Play
#FREE 12/14-12/18

J.J. Beavis is the author and illustrator of children's books for kids and adults, and anyone young at heart. She enjoys creating stories that teach lessons while entertaining with simple, yet colorful illustrations. She has always been enamored with children's books, and as a mother, sheenjoys reading and creating special stories to her son.

J.J. Beavis currently lives in southern Maine. During the cold winter months, she can be found cuddled up near a cozy fire with a cup of coffee in hand.

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#FREE 12/12-12/16 'Silky Milky' by Miley Smiley


This fun children's picture book is about Silky Milky who lives Inside the big Kitchen Refrigerator. Silky Milky likes to leave the refrigerator to hang out with his friends: Cookie Rookie and the three cereals, Funch, Hunch and Crunch.

Read this fun and entertaining bedtime story now!
FREE Download 12/12-12/16

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Get ' Truthy Ruthy's Christmas Surprise' with a Special Free Gift Inside!


Christmas is around the corner. As my readers, I want you to be the first to know about the new interactive children's book for Christmas from my best-selling Truthy Ruthy series. Truthy Ruthy Christmas surprise.

This children's Values book deals with a dilemma that many children face: How can little Ruthy surprise her family with Christmas gifts as grownups do?

Being only five-years-old, she cannot drive a car or go shopping alone. But Santa Claus pays her a visit and leaves her a box filled with very strange gifts…

What was in the box? What is she going to do with her gifts?

You, too, will be surprised…

This interactive children's book offers three different endings, that represent different ways of thinking:

  • Pessimistic thinking brings disappointment.
  • Positive thinking leads to remarkable ideas.
  • Innovative thinking leads to great surprises for all.


For your children it's going to be an exciting experience.
For you it's going to be an opportunity to teach your children, from a young age, that there’s always more than one solution to any of life’s little dilemmas.

As an international expert in creative thinking, I've always emphasized to parents that giving children the freedom to choose, and find their own solutions, is a great gift that will make a huge difference in their lives. Just remember: there’s a lways more than one solution!

I invite you to be the first to download the book and give your child the very best Christmas gift: a children's values book.

I also invite you to download and enjoy the unusual free gift: a template for “My First Book” For Young Children.

I wish you all much enjoyment and happy holidays,

Sari Barel

p.s: I invite you to share this book with your friends. I'm sure they will appreciate it, too.

On second thought, I invite you to send this book as a valuable Christmas surprise gift to your family and friends.

Don't forget your own children!

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'Go Figure' by Dennis Young

Go Figure is a new Children's book full of images aimed at developing a child's creativity. The artwork was created by Dennis Young from the Legendary '80s band Liquid Liquid.

Find out more by visiting the book's website at ArtFromEdge.

Purchase your own copy on Amazon for a bargain price!

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FREE 11/28-11/29 'Abbie Skellee and The Little Lamb Farm Story' by AnneMarie Callan

ABBIE SKELLEE AND THE LITTLE LAMB FARM STORY - A Short Story for Kids Aged 3 - 8 With a Fun Interactive Quiz 

Abbie Skellee is the first story in the Skellee Rescue Service series of children's books. It is also the first farm story in the series.

Perfect for storytelling time, these short stories are intended as modern day folklore superhero stories, with each Skellee worker having a unique and special tool, so that they can come to the aid of all children around the world. Their own superhero! Added to that is a quiz at the end of the book for children to enjoy telling you what they remembered from the story, a little game which also helps them, by introducing a fun way to comprehension.

In this story, the little lamb decided that it wanted to go for a walk on its own. It strayed away from its mother and all the other little lambs in the field to explore. It had no idea that there could be danger in the next field and that, in fact, danger was waiting for him! How the little lamb is saved is unbelievable but it happened and Abbie Skellee, a superhero, was delighted to be able to help the little lamb back to safety. 

Download it on Amazon

FREE on Amazon 11/28-11/29

**Currently rated 4.9 out of 5 stars!**

The Skellee Rescue Service - Short Stories For Children
All the Skellee workers wait at the Skellee Rescue Service office for the Skellee Operator to tell them where to go, at anytime, day or night and even anywhere in the world. The Skellee Operator has a very important job!

The Story Behind Skellee
When the author became a grandmother for the first time, Skellee stories popped into her head frequently and so she shared them with her first grand daughter. Later on, as more grand-children arrived, the stories grew. The grand-children loved them and at storytelling time, would sit so quietly waiting for her to start a new story, that you could hear a pin drop.

One day, as she was out walking with her second grand daughter, she was asked when she was going to publish the stories. Rather than say never, she decided there and then to find out how she could do this. After discussing her Skellee theme and her plan for short stories for children with people in the publishing business, she received amazing feedback.

Everyone who heard of the Skellees were excited about her project and even wanted to become involved, then she started publishing them on the Kindle platform.

The Skellee Illustrations
It had always been a dream of the author to be able to paint and apart from one attempt at a portrait of one grandson, she had a huge fear to overcome. Her fear of painting was from the fact that her father was a Slade trained artist. His work was amazing. That was his gift. She met a local artist who inspired her to do it herself and helped her overcome her fear and paint.

First of all, she had to learn to draw people and so she started with match stick men drawings but the arms or legs were invariably way too long. Once she mastered, as much as she could of the sizing perspective of the characters and back drops in pencil, then she had to start painting these.

For the first few attempts, her hand shook with fear as she put the paintbrush filled with paint onto the paper. But, fortunately her teacher gave her constant encouragement, telling her that she did have talent!

Strangely enough, four illustrators had initially offered to illustrate the Skellee books but for their own reasons, they had to drop out, one by one. (Maybe she was meant to paint after all!)

Following are a list of the Skellee books already on Kindle.

Book 1 : Abbie Skellee and The Little Lamb.
Book 2 : Bobby Skellee and The Football Game
Book 3 : Carrie Skellee and The Dog Rescue.
Book 4 : Danny Skellee and The Black Cat
Book 5 : Ella Skellee and the Hot Air Balloon
Book 6 : Freddie Skellee and the Sand Castle Rescue

Two more books are soon to be released.

Author Bio

AnneMarie Callan - children's author.

The Skellee books are a series of modern day folklore children's stories and are aimed at children aged 3 to 8. The Skellee characters are superheros who each have super powers, which will delight every young child. They work at the Skellee Rescue Service offices. It is here that the Skellee operator decides which Skellee to send out on a rescue, whether it be a child, an animal or anything that needs their service.

Eventually, there will be 26 books in the Skellee series. Each of the Skellees being named after a letter of the alphabet.

These stories have lived in AnneMarie's head for too many year to remember!

She has recently moved into creating books for older children. 'The Secret FootBall Games With Football Quiz', being the first. This book is geared for children from the age of 6 to 96 :) It is very likely to make any reader smile from the antics within the story, as well as warm their heart with compassion. The interactive quiz was greatly received by readers, so much so that she decided to go back and gradually introduce them into the Skellee stories as well.

AnneMarie was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to the UK in her teenage years. She created a successful fashion design business and now lives between the UK and Spain. Her small family consists of her two sons and four grandchildren.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Sweet Sweet Carabee' by Evelyn Gresham

Book description:

Take a trip into the lovable world of “Sweet, Sweet Carabee.” A delightful tale about a playful little girl with a colorful personality; Join Carabee and her faithful companion Snowbelle in the very first story of the Carabee book series. A fun-filled world of make believe and excitement that never ends.

Take a sneak peek inside the book!

Available on Amazon
Also available at Halo Publishing

Currently rated 5 out of 5 stars!


Since childhood author Evelyn Gresham has always had a desire for writing and poetry, but kept it as a hobby. She graduated from Ashford University and received her master’s degree in education and child development. Aside from “Sweet, Sweet Carabee”, Evelyn has also authored the book “Brown Little Babies.” For over twenty years Evelyn has worked as a nursing assistant, but always had a passion for children. Ms. Gresham currently resides in the Midwest and enjoys traveling and illustrating in her spare time.



Monday, November 18, 2013

'Cute Puppies and Dogs' by G. Alexander


Cute Puppies and Dogs is a picture collection of 52 wonderful and fuzzy puppies and dogs. These cuddly dog pictures are so adorable you'll want to pet the puppies right on your kindle. These little four legged animals will warm your hearts and put a smile on your face.

Available on Amazon
Averaging 4.3 out of 5 *s!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

'Amazing Bats' by Anita Williams


They may seem creepy, because they love the night. But they're alright.

People think wrong things about bats. Because of scary movies, we think bats are evil. But they are awesome in many ways. In this children's book about bats, you can learn more about them.

Download on Amazon

An average rating of 4 stars!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Get a free audiobook of 'The Adventures of Crog the Frog Prince' by Emily A. Cabot

You and your kids will laugh out loud as you listen to this funny and cute Audiobook while reading along, paging through 29 amazing cartoon-style, full-color illustrations of Crog and his friends. Enjoy meeting how Crog the frog and toad are friends. That's twice the fun!

Here's what readers are saying about this FUNNY new adventure book for kids 3-8.
"Ridiculously perfect for a 3-8 child...Oh, and awesome illustrations complete the experience!" ~ Jake Cornfield

"Emily A. Cabot has scored a winner with her Frog Book, with Crog and his Adventures. The illustrations are delightful too. With the addition of the Free Audio book, kids can listen while looking at the pictures. See how frog to prince is great reading for your kids. It was great fun for our whole family." ~ J. Macintyre

"My grandchildren loved this book and can't wait for the arrival of Emily A. Cabot's other books. They loved what happened to Crog's personality when he became a frog prince. And when Caroline captured him they were on the edge of their seats." ~ Austin Jackson
Meet "Crog" the Frog Prince. Well, he's not a prince to begin with. He's just an ordinary frog in an ordinary pond.

But when Crog wakes up one day to find a crown on his head the fun begins, he really goes from frog to prince. He starts thinking of himself differently. His best friend Zog makes sure he has a special throne and delicious worms to eat.

Available on Amazon

For a limited time, get a FREE audiobook of 'The Adventures of Crog the Frog Prince' with your Amazon purchase!

Currently rated 5 out of 5 stars!