Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Awesome Zebra Picture Book by Zunammie Keren

My Awesome Zebra Picture Book

This vibrant and lifelike picture book will help children aged 3-8 to learn more about Zebras while learning to read and enjoying all the beautiful, clear photographs. Older kids will enjoy it too!

Make’s a great educational gift for children to use on tablets and mobile devices!

This book will help your child to:
- learn more about Zebras
- learn new words
- practice simple sentences
- navigate books on a mobile device
- appreciate animals

About Zunammie Keren

Zunammie Keren is a freelance writer who is fascinated by all things spiritual, fun and magical. On most weekends you can find her soaking up the rays on a sandy beach in tropical Jamaica where she currently resides with her husband and 3 adorable sons.

Friday, August 19, 2016

ABC's With Molly and Me by Candy Johansen

ABC's With Molly and Me

A kids alphabet book containing photo illustrations starring a pug named Miss Molly Mia. This book encourages interaction between your child and Molly and your child and you. Molly tells your child what she is doing with a letter of the alphabet, then she asks your child a question. Molly will help your child learn his/her alphabet and your child will fall in love with Molly.

About Candy Johansen

Candy Johansen went back to college a second time to pursue a bachelor degree... in Photo Media with a minor in Journalism. She attended the University of Kansas. She graduated in May 2014. She has a passion for writing and telling stories. Her first ebook was a small book about a raccoon that she raised and set free. It's called, "Raising Sis." She is currently working on her first novel and expects it to be finished in the summer of 2016. The "ABC's With Molly And Me" book is the first in the set of Molly books and is now on sale on Amazon. Candy is planning on starting on her master degree in Journalism in the fall and is hoping to teach photography and journalism at the college level. Candy's website is: and her blog is:

Friday, August 12, 2016

Wish by Leslie A. Susskind


Now a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree! Follow the life journey of a fluffy dandelion seed that starts and ends, and starts again with a 'Wish.' Beautifully illustrated with charming and colorful pictures, babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers will love following the seed's adventures in this picture book. They'll also have fun hearing and saying the simple, fun words that go along with the story. 'Wish' is a wonderful tale to read together with your little ones and for them to imagine themselves.

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About Leslie A. Susskind

Leslie A. Susskind has worked for years in advertising and marketing and is excited to be writing children’s books.

Leslie lives with her husband, Bill, two daughters and two cats outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she sometimes cooks without a microwave.

In addition to "Wish," Leslie is the author of popular manners books “The Kids’ (and parents’, too!) Book of Good Sportsmanship,” and “It’s Time for Good Manners!" and middle age books "The Zephram Tales," and "So you think you babysit monsters?"

Laugh-A-Lot Limericks & Really Ridiculous Rhymes Vol. 2 by Rob Cole

Exercise Your Chuckle Muscles With This Laughter Laugh-A-Thon  

Good, better best, 
May we never rest. 
Until our good is better, 
And our better's best! 

Have a good laugh, with your other half. 
Or read this out loud as a kid. 
Let's chuckle together, whatever the weather. 
You'll be really glad that you did! 

We'll share some good times with ridiculous rhymes. 
To read them again & again. 
Enjoy the fun verse & learn to converse, 
As we start all over again. 

When you're finished & through with volume two, 
Don't worry here's more fun to come. 
There's a lot more in store as I know that for sure, 
You'll want to check out volume one! 

Inside You'll Find Out Why...
  • Pete the pirate never lost anything.
  • Dina was shaken up by this unexpected guest.
  • Coffey the cat shouldn't sing.
  • Santa's having trouble.
  • Sammy the squid hid.
  • Fabio Flame is so hot.
  • Hair can be a nighmare.
  • Chef Mew couldn't stir.
  • Ali should brush his teeth.
  • And so much more!

About Rob Cole

I'm Rob Cole a 58 year old grandpa living in England. I've always loved limericks and silly rhymes, like Edward Lear & Dr Seuss. I've put together two books for my grandchildren. They are funny, silly rhyming books that make my grandchlldren laugh. So I thought I'd try to make them available to more kids world wide on Kindle.

Laugh-A-Lot Limericks & Really Ridiculous Rhymes Vol. 1 by Rob Cole

Exercise Your Chuckle Muscles With This Laughter Laugh-A-Thon 

Good, better best,
May we never rest.
Until our good is better,
And our better's best!

Have a good laugh, with your other half.
Or read this out loud as a kid.
Let's chuckle together, whatever the weather.
You'll be really glad that you did!

We'll share some good times with ridiculous rhymes.
To read them again & again.
Enjoy the fun verse & learn to converse,
As we start all over again.

When you've finished & done with volume one,
Don't worry we've got more for you!
There's a lot more in store as I know that for sure,
You'll want to continue with volume two!

You'll Find Out Why...
  • You can't eat soup with a fork.
  • A monster loves his teddy bear.
  • This bear shivered
  • Olly owl didn't like the rain.
  • Jimmy the fish was sent home from school.
  • This red bee had a headache.
  • Sir Laugh-A-Lot didn't need to fight.
  • How flo lit up the forest
  • How Neil invented the wheel.
  • And so much more!

About Rob Cole

I'm Rob Cole a 58 year old grandpa living in England. I've always loved limericks and silly rhymes, like Edward Lear & Dr Seuss. I've put together two books for my grandchildren. They are funny, silly rhyming books that make my grandchlldren laugh.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Punk Finds a Forever Home by Brenda Loew

Punk Finds a Forever Home

Written by a professional pet sitter and educator, this delightful picture book introduces very young children to the concepts of animal rescue, animal adoption, veterinary care, pet parents, and the overall humane treatment of dogs and cats who are lost, abandoned, unwanted, or have special needs and live out their natural lives in a safe, protected, permanent home known as an animal sanctuary.

About Brenda Loew

Brenda Loew was born and brought up in Massachusetts, earned degrees in English Language and Literature from Boston University, Linguistic Science from Brown University and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Northeastern University. A former tenured public school speech therapist, she has two children and four grandchildren. Loew writes in several genres: children's picture books -- including Sophia's Ghost Alarm!, Spaulding Sparrow's Extraordinary Adventure, Katie's Surprise Beach Ball, Nana, Bananas, and Max, Punk Finds a Forever Home -- adult non-fiction/biography -- including Spencer Tracy, Fox Film Actor, Spencer Tracy, A Life in Pictures, Playbills To Photoplays: Stage Performers Who Pioneered The Talkies -- poetry for adults -- including EDEN Poems, Life Evolves From Living, Lost, Forgotten, Found Poems: 1982-1983. She is a member of the National Writers Union, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Pet Sitters International, National Society of Professional Pet Sitters, and President of New England Vintage Film Society, Inc. Brenda Loew’s books are available on Amazon. See more at:

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Baby Zoo: The Book of Colors, Numbers, and Shapes by Bright Tales

Margaryta Kuzmin is a bilingual speech pathologist who worked with the team at Bright Tales to create Baby Zoo. It's designed for children across several developmental stages and is filled with all kinds of educational concepts. In fact, she even uses it in her speech therapy sessions with kids. 

She includes suggestions on how to use the book, plus the team is working on an accompanying color and activity book for it. And you can contribute to its development when you get your own copy!

Baby Zoo

Baby Zoo is a super cute board book for little kids teaching them about colors, numbers, emotions, shapes and more!

Get your copy when you support Baby Zoo on Kickstarter

When you pledge to back this campaign, you will get a copy of this book, but so many other packages are available! And some of them are only available with this Kickstarter campaign.

Read more to watch a video and see all that is offered!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Grand Adventure by Mark A. and Donna E. Hicks

The Grand Adventure

On May 24, 1869, John Wesley Powell, a one-armed Civil War veteran, and a ragtag group of nine other men set out on a river journey into the then uncharted territory of the Grand Canyon and other canyons of the West.

It took John Wesley Powell and his companions nearly 100 days and 1000 miles of surviving hot days and cold nights, boat wrecks, flash floods, sandstorms, and near starvation to complete their journey.

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About Mark and Donna Hicks

Mark A. Hicks is an award-winning illustrator of children's books and lots more. Mark has been an admirer of John Wesley Powell's courage and determination since childhood. He is also an admirer of the Grand Canyon and its natural beauty. Mark was born and raised in Arizona and has visited the Grand Canyon on may occasions.

Donna E. Hicks is a writer and educator. She is also an admirer and explorer of the Grand Canyon.

Find Mark A. Hicks online:

Facebook page:

Monday, August 1, 2016

Bodbod's Ghosts by Angelina Dunbar

Bodbod's Ghosts

- A great book for kids who are afraid of the dark or afraid to be alone in their rooms.

His uncle's enormous two-story house looked old and haunted. Bodbod kept telling himself it was only for a short visit. That is, until his parents decided to spend the night. And that's when his worse fears became reality.

Get a free audiobook copy when you fill out the form here.

Check out more of Angelina Dunbar's children's books here.

About Angelina Dunbar

Angelina Dunbar grew-up on a little island in the Philippines and lived with her parents, six siblings, and her lola (grandmother). Her lola entertained them with stories of Filipino mythology, ancient creatures, and mystical worlds which charged her affinity for fantasy, mystery, and an appreciation for life. She left the island to join the U.S. Air Force, fought in wars, and traveled the world. All throughout her service, she dreamed of writing a book to share the stories that her lola told her. When she finally settled down in Florida, she wrote several books: "Tina and the Giant: The Borrower’s Cave" and the Hugz and His Friend Bugz preschool books. Angelina recently published "Bodbod's Ghost's" and is currently giving the audiobook FREE to anyone who completes this form: