Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Learn Languages Through Stories by One-Third Stories

A children's book that starts in English and ends in a different language to help kids learn in the most enjoyable way possible.

Support the Kickstarter Campaign to fund this amazing project!

Early language learning is so important. Studies and personal experience demonstrate that the earlier you expose a child to a second language, the easier it is to learn. It can also lead to greater skills in other school subjects, as well as increased communication skills that aid in making new friends around the world and help in many careers. 

The creators of this project have been passionate about finding innovative ways to expose children to learning new languages and came up with this clever book idea. It's not based solely on a whim and imagination, but on proven methods of language learning that anyone can use, as well as their own personal studies. Also unique and amazing is that they have taken the ideas of young learners and converted those into parts of the stories. Backers can even vote on their favorite ideas.

Already they have reached their initial goal to get the project going, but also wish to keep expanding upon the dream to expand upon what is offered with this book. 

Alex and Jonny, the co-founders of One-Third Story, have one of the most comprehensive and detailed Kickstarter campaigns I have ever seen. They provide previews and mock-ups of the book and some of the extras, as well as a very detailed plan of action and early reviews. All of your questions will be answered when you read through it. If you have more, simply ask!

Click here to learn more about the One-Third Stories project to Learn Languages Through Stories.

The Brownie Tree by Danton & George Villalba

The Brownie Tree

The Brownie Tree tells the story of Bobby and his magical journey and the importance of learning to share with others.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Learn the ABCs With Lucky Cat Using Food

Learn the ABCs With Lucky Cat Using Food

Help your child learn the alphabet with this simple yet fun ABCs book filled with colorful images of food and cartoon characters featuring Lucky the Cat and his friends.


About Tim Frady

Tim Frady is a health enthusiasts, author, and webmaster. His books show his wide range of interests including health and fitness, science fiction, and cartoon characters.

Having grown up when cartoons still came on Saturday morning, Frady remembers the magic of those classic, zany characters of yesteryear, and tries to recapture that same spirit in his children's books. Most of his books attempt to provide information, or in the case of children's books, offer a book that parents can use to teach kids.

Nutrition is a big focus of most of his books as Frady is a firm believer in taking responsibility for one's health and fitness.

The Adventures of Danny and the Stickman (The Adventures Begin) by Barbara R. McGreal

The Adventures of Danny and the Stickman

Being an only child has it challenges. Danny knew that all too well and spent time playing alone. Who knew that a birthday present given to him by his mom would change his world in such an amazingly magical way? Join Danny and the Stickman and get ready for some exciting adventures!

Currently available from

Available to preorder from 

Follow Barbara R. McGreal on Amazon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stem Storiez (Counting Zoo) by Zyrobotics LLC

Stem Storiez (Counting Zoo)

Come with me on a trip to the zoo! We can count the animals too. There are so many animals to see. Can you count the animals with me? STEM Storiez - Counting Zoo is an interactive picture book that engages children in learning through a board book and a read-along ebook that includes stunning visuals, animations, and sounds. In STEM Storiez - Counting Zoo, children meet amazing zoo animals as they learn to count from 1 to 10. STEM Storiez - Counting Zoo comes with a 21-page board book, play manipulative (stylus), and an interactive STEM e-book (available on both Android and iOS). STEM Storiez provides a multisensory experience to make STEM part of everyday learning. For more information, visit: http://zumolearning.com/stemstoriez/


Get an ecopy at the App Store

Take a sneak peek inside!

Visit Stem Storiez online

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Artt of Early Learning Series is FREE May 24-26

When it comes to babies, D. A. Batrowny has a simple philosophy, 

Relax and Read a children’s book!

As the mind behind the children’s character Smart Artt and the Artt of Early learning series of children’s books, she has devoted her life to sharing the secrets about how parents can build the foundation their child will need for the future success… right from birth.

Her extensive background includes over 25 years working with children and families as a nurse home visitor, longitudinal research interviewer, children’s nonprofit Program Director, writer and Coordinator of the nurse home visiting component of a countywide school readiness program.

She has bundled all of that experience into one fun children’s series that will help you lay the foundation for your child’s future!

Currently families in the U.S, Serbia, Algeria, Panama, Brazil, Columbia, Nicaragua, Canada, and the UK are enjoying Smart Artt’s adventures!

Go to SmartArtt.com to learn more!

Even better, the series is free May 24-26. Find it on Amazon.

Welcome Smart Artt

This book is designed to promote pre-literacy skills, growth and development, and fun!

Welcome Smart Artt is the first book in a series of children's books that teach parents about growth and development for children ages birth to three.

This series provides information that every parent and caregiver should know, in the short amount of time that it takes to enjoy a fun children's story!

Welcome Smart Artt and The Artt of Early Learning Series make excellent baby shower gifts, yet older children love the stories too!

Meet Smart Artt. He is loved by all! Since the moment Smart Artt was born, he's always doing something that makes him even smarter. Unfortunately, his ideas often cause a bit of mischief! He will make you smile. He will make you laugh. He will find a place in your heart.

A Fish Named Bart

A Fish Named Bart is book two in The Artt of Early Learning Series. This series provides information about developmental milestones for parents, and the information is conveyed in the time that it takes to read a fun children's story. Smart Artt is at it again! After hearing Grandpa read a bedtime story, Bart the fish has a wish. Smart Artt uses his advanced skills to help Bart get his wish, while creating a little bit of mischief along the way! Smart Artt is entertaining for all ages and includes age related developmental milestones for 8 month old children.

The Lemon Tart

The Lemon Tart is book three in The Artt of Early Learning Series. This series provides information about developmental milestones for parents, and the information is conveyed in the time that it takes to read a fun children's story. Smart Artt is at it again! It is his first day at nursery school! Smart Artt uses his advanced skills to help the other children while creating a little bit of mischief along the way! Smart Artt is entertaining for all ages and includes age related developmental milestones for 13 month old children.

Don't Touch That Dart!

Don't Touch That Dart is book four in The Artt of Early Learning Series. This series provides information about developmental milestones for parents, and the information is conveyed in the time that it takes to read a fun children's story. Smart Artt is at it again! He is starting to get into everything and Momma wants to keep him safe. Will that be possible when Aunt Kaye comes to visit? Smart Artt tries to help while creating a little bit of mischief along the way! Smart Artt is entertaining for all ages and includes age related developmental milestones for 18 month old children.

The Broken Cart

Smart Artt is going to the circus. He loves to point to the animals in his circus book when Poppa reads to him, but today he will be able to point to the REAL circus animals. If you know Smart Artt, things don't always go as intended, but don't worry Smart Artt has a plan. Will it work or will things get a little bit out of hand? You will find out when you read this book, the fifth book in the Artt of Early Learning Series of children's books that were written to promote growth and development by informing parents about the importance of developmental milestones, in the time it takes to enjoy a fun children's story. This series is written for children from birth on up. Expecting parents can also benefit from the information in this series. The books are also written with simple words that your child will love to read over and over again as they continue to grow. Someday they may even share the stories of Smart Artt with their own children as they themselves learn the importance of early learning that can help every child.
Kids love Smart Artt and you will too!

Connect with D.A. Batrowny online:

Twitter -https://twitter.com/SmartArtt
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Smart-Artt-Childrens-Books-page-The-Artt-Of-Early-Learning-Series-211191322409580/
Google+ https://plus.google.com/+DABatrowny/posts/p/pub

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Last Day of Kindergarten by Nancy Loewen Book Sale!

The Last Day of Kindergarten

A little girl is sad that kindergarten is coming to an end. She wishes it were the first day again, when everything was exciting and new and there was such a fun year ahead. But then she realizes that graduating is exciting, too, and maybe first grade won’t be so bad, after all! 

Special Sale Price through June 5th!

About Nancy Loewen

Nancy Loewen has published nearly 130 books for kids. She is a two-time Minnesota Book Award finalist (Four to the Pole and The LAST Day of Kindergarten) and the recipient of a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers (Writer's Toolbox series). She holds an MFA from Hamline University in St. Paul. Nancy has two children and divides her time between the Twin Cities and her small hometown of Mountain Lake in southern Minnesota. Visit her online: www.nancyloewen.com.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Boy Named Ash: Ash Finds a Girlfriend by Ian Justice Illustrated by Alex Bjelica

The Boy Named Ash: Ash Finds a Girlfriend

A sizzling kid adventure book you will not be able to put down!

"The Boy Named Ash: Ash Gets a Girlfriend" is a kid adventure book that brings you into the world of Ash, a young confident boy from Duffield, VA with a wild imagination which usually puts him and his friends in a sticky situation.

Ash leads his friends and his dog named Pugsly on adventures around their town as his wild imagination puts them all into all sorts of sticky situations over and over again.

In their first adventure, Ash embarks on a quest to find a girlfriend.

Read this book to read about the adventure of Ash, his wild world of imagination and if he will eventually get the girlfriend of his dream.


About Ian Justice

Ian Justice may be 9 years old but that hasn’t stopped him from channeling his creativity into written form. From Virginia himself, Ian will soon be publishing his first book in a series. His love of writing was sparked by watching his father write a book and it wasn’t long before he put his own pen to paper.

Initially mimicking his father’s story and using his own friends as the main characters, Ian then hit the drawing board and created his character, Ash. Ian has drawn from his own environment and experiences with his writing and lets his imagination run free in order to develop his stories. Like Ian, Ash grew up in a small town and is in the 4th Grade. Both Ian and his character also own a Pug named Pugsly.

While Ian still attends school he is now dedicated to writing, in addition to enjoying computer games like Minecraft, Agario and Steam. His love of self-expression through story writing will be the motivator of the next books in the series as we follow Ash’s adventures as well as his newest story that follows 2 aliens, Toby and Tim on a Mission around the Galaxy!

Find him online:

Website www.readaboutash.com

Monday, May 16, 2016

Buy Usborne Books to Inspire Learning and Reading

Usborne Books have a long tradition of bringing quality reading and education to children. Enjoy picture books, look up new information in reference books, play with sticker books and more.

Usborne Books are often found in libraries and in schools, but you can also get your own collection for in the home. It's easy!

Visit the Usborne Consultant Site run by Lebon & Alexia Thornton by clicking here to shop the catalogs. You can even contact them for more information about any titles, about having a fundraiser, or even hosting a show in your own home.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Traits Alive! Famous Creature Similes Expanded by Ken Bolden

Traits Alive!

Traits Alive! is a non-fiction picture book with a beautiful illustration of each animal, fish, reptile, or bird featured in the simile. A brief description of the creature, and/or relevant information about the simile, accompanies each illustration. An enjoyable book for parents to read to small children, or for kids ascending out of beginner level to read on their own. Teachers will find Traits Alive! is a handy tool in the language arts classroom whenever figures of speech are the topic of instruction.

A brief excerpt:
Elephants remember friends and places they haven't seen for many years. To be a good speller, you need a memory like an elephant.

About Ken Bolden

Ken Bolden grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania and earned a BA in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. He completed his graduate studies at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, receiving an MA in Communications. He is also a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature in West Redding, CT. Following grad school, Ken worked in the field of communications for twenty-four years for media companies such as CBN, International Family Entertainment, Fox and Disney. He has published articles, poems and books. He lives in Virginia with his wife and son.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lani the Blind Kitten by Sabat Beatto

Lani the Blind Kitten

Lani is a delightful children's story about a brave little kitten, filled with curiosity who doesn't let anything stop him. Follow Lani The Blind Kitten on an unexpected adventure where he makes new friends and overcomes his fears.