Sunday, October 21, 2012

5 free Halloween books for kids

Halloween is just around the corner! Check out some of these freebies that I found today.

Please note that the free status of books can and often does change without notice. Please verify that the actual buy price still says $0.00. The Prime price is something different. You can click on a book cover or the indicated link to order it and other books on Amazon.

Baby's Halloween Trick or Treat - A Picture Book for Children (Spot It Series)

A cat has hidden all the Halloween goodies. Children (Ages 1 – 3) have to find these candies and other surprises in each page.

Adorable babies dressed in Halloween costumes are beautifully illustrated in this delightful book.

The Halloween treats are partly hidden in the page for the child to discover!

If your child likes to point out objects, then your child will fall in love with ‘Baby's Halloween Trick or Treat’.

Early readers can practice their reading skills by reading the simple sentences while the bright Halloween Illustrations in each page will hold their interest.

Happy Halloween! 

Click here to download for Kindle. 

Halloween for Kids/Halloween Para Ninos

Now you can enjoy Andrew Miller’s best-selling “Halloween For Kids” in a bilingual English-Spanish version!

That’s right, this fun Early Readers Book is now more educational than ever. Your child can now read the original English version and the newly translated Spanish version side-by-side.

If you have ever wished your child could learn Spanish in an easy, enjoyable way, this is it!

Each sentence is meticulously translated to retain the original meaning and tone. Your child will associate familiar Halloween terms and facts with their Spanish counterparts.

In this way, your child will absorb the Spanish language effortlessly and quickly, and it won’t even feel like “learning.”


Is your child REALLY into Halloween? Then this will be the perfect picture and early readers book.

You and your child will discover fun and fascinating facts about this unique holiday, its mysterious traditions, and its intriguing history.


* FULL-COLOR pictures and illustrations of Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns, masks, witches, black cats, and much more - your child will love them.

* Why you should look out for spiders on Halloween.

* When you should expect a full moon on Halloween.

* What the most popular Halloween colors really mean.

* What 3 names do monsters call humans? Hilarious answer.

* Did you know that "Jack-O-Lanterns" were not always pumpkins? Find out their surprising origins.

* What do you call a skeleton that won't work? You’ll laugh at the answer.

* Why do people wear masks and costumes on Halloween?

* Where does the Jack-O-Lantern tradition come from?

* What kind of witch lives at the beach? Your child will love this joke.

* Who were the first trick-or-treaters?

* Want to see a witch on Halloween? Here's the secret.

* Kids: watch out for "hungry" parents! Here are the candies that parents like to snatch from kids' trick-or-treat bags.

…and so much more!

Includes FULL-COLOR photos and images of Halloween skeletons, candy, cemeteries and more to make you and your child laugh and learn about this holiday.

So get ready to spend quality time together with your child as you enjoy seeing Halloween pictures and learning fun and intriguing facts about Halloween. 

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My Happy Halloween Book

A black cat.

A haunted house.

Orange pumpkins.

It's Halloween time! My Happy Halloween Book is a picture and sight word book for young children ages 0-4 years. In this beginning reader, your child will learn sight words such as little, big, fly, get, has, want, brown, and round. Fun Halloween themed illustrations accompany the simple text. Your child will build their reading confidence and feel proud when they are able to read this book!

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H is for Halloween (A Children's Alphabet Book for Halloween) + Free Games

"H is for Halloween" teaches children the alphabet in a fun way.

✓ Bonus Halloween Games Included

Colorful, high quality illustrations are combined with rhymes to reinforce learning the alphabet. This book contains 26 full color illustrated pages of pictures.

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Trick or Treat Street: An (un)scary Halloween ebook for kids

Here's what happened in my street,
last year, when we played Trick or Treat...

What can you do if you can't find a costume for Trick or Treating? Find out in this gentle funny story by bestselling author Moira Butterfield. It's not scary at all. The charming pictures and well-crafted rhymes will make you smile, not shiver, and it's perfect for children of all ages.

For more from Little Star Books, including regular free downloads and play ideas, visit

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

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FREE Blogger Opportunity! 
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