Sunday, November 29, 2015

'A Jumper for Christmas' by Eleanor Newson

Tom loves Granny McColl and her house full of animals but he does not love her knitting. Tom thinks that the last thing he wants is another bright and badly knitted jumper for Christmas.

All Tom wants for Christmas is a pet of his very own. Tom is longing for a pet and has shown he is ready to take care of one, but has anyone else noticed? Granny is knitting furiously and mum and dad are busy rushing around.

It’s Christmas Eve and the snow is starting to fall, can a warm wooly jumper turn out to be the best gift of all?

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About the publisher:

Generation 2050 is a non-profit children’s book publisher. At Generation 2050 we believe in the power of story-telling to change the world for the better. We publish books which inspire and empower children to become responsible world citizens who will act with compassion, respect and take responsibility for the well-being of other people, animals and the planet.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

'Let's Visit the Farm!' by William A. Campbell, Jr.

Let's Visit the Farm! A Children's eBook with Pictures of Farm Animals and Baby Animals has been designed to be the first step in helping your child build their vocabulary. Included in each book is a number of high quality images of very cute farm animals and baby animals that your child will enjoy looking and reading about for months. In this book your child will be learning about which animals live on the farm and what job or role they have on the farm. 

My books use simple one or two sentence facts which is accompanied by a relevant picture of the animal. This makes the perfect first word book to share because young children will love reading along while being encouraged to start using their words to read along. This is an excellent and fun educational resource to start your child off with. 

Lets Visit the Farm! is a fun and entertaining journey for a young child to find out interesting facts about the world's most common farm animals along with baby animals.

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From the author:

Hi! My name is William A. Campbell Jr from Windsor Ontario Canada. I'm a single father of two children with a very hectic job in the corperate audio video field. I often work very long hours of the day and find that I do not have alot of time for my other passion "cooking" while enjoying my family time. My daughter wants me to hold her and dance around the room while my son is asking me to fix his computer or to play against him on ps4. Both of which are very hard to do while trying to cook up a pot roast that takes 3 hours to cook. So naturally what happened was that we started eating out more, more boxed dinners and pizza deliveries. I knew that was not the kind of foods that I wanted my children to be eating. So I went out looking for a solution. I found one in adding a pressure cooker into our kitchen. Soon after buying my pressure cooker I started cooking everything from scratch again. I was able to shave hours off of cooking dinner and had that extra time to enjoy with my family. This is why I created the No Fuss pressure cooker series for simple clean eating and my Holiday Pressure cooker recipes series. I hope that my guides will help you as much as they have helped me and my family. My Let's Visit series was made by me for my daughter who I did not see for roughly six months of her life. I would often think about her and decided to write books so that once we were reunited that we would read them together. My prayers were answered and my daughter is now back in my life and we now read the books that I created for her. I hope you are your children enjoy the books as much as my daughter and I do.