Monday, June 17, 2013

'The Adventures of Adam the Atom' by Casey Waid

The Adventures of Adam the Atom by Casey Waid is an entertaining little book that introduces some scientific concepts to younger children. By giving children a foundation in scientific principles, Casey hopes to better prepare kids for the lessons they will receive in the future, and hopefully, have them less intimidated by subjects like chemistry. He does this in an entertaining way, and throws in a few life lessons as well. In The Adventures of Adam the Atom, Casey introduces kids to atoms, electrons, molecules and molecular bonding. In his next book, The Fight for Oxy (coming soon), Casey will introduce phase changes and chemical reactions. The Adventures of Adam the Atom is a must have for any parent that wants their children to excel in science.

 ~~Available in paperback or ebook~~

Author bio - 

The Adventures of Adam the Adam is Casey's first book in a series that is aimed to introduce science to kids. Casey Waid has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University. He currently lives in Auburn, AL with his wife, Shannon, and their three boys.