Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kids Books A to Z: C is for Chester Raccoon

Chester Raccoon is the adorable character created by Audrey Penn. You probably know him best as the little raccoon who missed his mommy when he went to school. So, she gave him a special way to think of her during the day as she gave him The Kissing Hand. Mommies all over use this technique with their young ones.

Chester has even more stories for young readers, though. The first sequel that stars our beloved raccoon is A Pocket Full of Kisses. Chester now has to share his mommy with his little brother. He is afraid that she won't have enough Kissing Hands to share with both of her boys.

In A Kiss Goodbye, Chester has to learn how to say goodbye to the only home he has ever known when his family decides to move.

Chester learns how to say goodbye to one of his good friends in Chester Raccoon and an Acorn Full of Memories. This book was written to help children who must attend a funeral.

Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully teaches kids that those who pick on you the most are probably the most in need of some loving attention. Mama Raccoon weaves a magical tale that teaches Chester and his friends how to deal with the bully at school.

A Kissing Hand is also the perfect thing to calm a little raccoon who is scared of the dark and is having nightmares. Calm children's fears by reading A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Raccoon.

And finally, children can go on a color scavenger hunt with Chester Raccoon in his newest book, A Color Game for Chester Raccoon.

I have shared all of these books with my students, who truly love the character. Even older kids who look at the books have fond memories of his stories. I will be detailing the books more closely in some upcoming posts, based on galleys I have received from NetGalley as a reviewer. Until then, feel free to click on any book cover for more information!

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