Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'Waffles and Pancakes' Release Day!

It's finally here! The book Waffles and Panckaes by author Cindy Springsteen is finally being released today, April 17, 2012. The story is a lesson in friendship, featuring two hamsters named Waffles and Pancakes. The hamsters live together at a pet store. One day, two little boys come in to purchase them. Danny's family doesn't have a lot of money for his new pet Waffles. Griffin, on the other hand, comes from a family that could afford to buy Pancakes all kinds of toys and a fancy cage for a house.

The boys attend the same school and quickly become friends because of their mutual love for hamsters. Pancakes and Waffles are overjoyed to be reunited. But Waffles is embarrassed about his meager home and belongings. The two start chatting and realize that the amount of things you have do not compare to the importance of being loved and played with. Waffles may not have a big home and a lot of toys, but Danny plays with him every single day. Pancakes has all kinds of gadgets, but Griffin never takes him out to play. Even the boys realize the difference in how they treat their pets. So, Griffin makes a concentrated effort to spend more time with Pancakes. He even decides to share some of his hamster stuff with Danny, so that Waffles can have more in his home.

This sweet story teaches children the important part of being friends - spending quality time together instead of comparing who has more toys. I remember as a child having a hard time when my parents wouldn't buy me all of the same toys that my friends had. I didn't realize it at the time, but I ended up with more valuable experiences. I think in today's society, we have become even more wrapped up with material things and need to be reminded of this lesson.

Kids also simply enjoy the story. One of the children with whom I shared it was an 8 year-old girl. Her direct response after reading it was, "It was a little bit short, but I liked it." She is now to the point where she is finally enjoying longer stories. This story is short enough to also be enjoyed by preschool and kindergarten children.

More stories involving Waffles and Pancakes are in the works. We look forward to reading them!

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