Monday, April 30, 2012

Kids Books A to Z: T is for Toddler Tools

The Toddler Tools series by Elizabeth Verdick is one of my most favorites to use in my classroom. I received a set of several of them a few years ago, to review when I started my book blogs. My students love the stories and often chant the catch phrases contained within each book. The rhyming text holds their attention while also teaching very important lessons. Parents and teachers can use the reference sections in the back of the book to provide further information about child development and other activities.

Children learn how to use good manners, to clean up after themselves, to separate from Mom and Dad, and how to be good friends. Several new books have been added to the series since I did my initial reviews. I would love to get them so that I can have a complete collection. Find them on Kindle and as board books.

Read an interview I did with author Elizabeth Verdick back in 2009.

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