Monday, April 16, 2012

Kids Books A to Z: G is for Goodnight

Bedtime is a great time to implement a reading routine with kids. Lulling them to sleep with a story to unwind their minds and bodies creates lasting memories for both of you. These two classic goodnight books are a great way to introduce your own routines and to help inspire new ones.

Good Night, Gorilla

The zookeeper is getting ready to call it a night. So, he has to make his way around the zoo to make sure all of the animals are safe and sound in their cages. A mischievous gorilla follows him, letting all of the animals out of their cages. The zookeeper finally finishes his rounds and gets into bed. He gets quite the shock when he realizes he isn't alone!

Goodnight, Moon

This classic book by Margaret Wise Brown is a favorite among young children. In the story, Mama is tucking her little one into bed. They take their time, saying good night to everything in the room. Children often follow suit by saying good night to everything in their room. It's a great way to emphasize that it is time to go to sleep. And if you can't see the magic in this book as an adult, try to read it with a young child. You'll see it then.

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