Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kids Books A to Z: D is for David Michael Slater

I used to review books for a site called BookPleasures. I had the opportunity to check out some picture books by an author named David Michael Slater. The first one I received was Cheese Louise, which I quickly realized I had read before. It's the story of what really goes on inside the refrigerator when the door is closed, and how a simple piece of cheese can save them all from the cat. It's hilarious, with excellent plays on words and funny illustrations.

I had the chance to check out a few more of his books after that. One of my favorites is definitely The Bored Book. A brother and a sister are at their grandfather's house, bored out of their minds. They have no technology with which to play. All he has are books. But when he shows them a secret passageway behind one of the bookshelves, the children come across their own Bored Book and are whisked away on all kinds of adventures.

What is most unique about this book is that the entire story is told through pictures. There are no words. But its message is powerful - as long as you have books, you will never be bored.

David Michael Slater is a high school English teacher who enjoys plays on words. Not only is it evident in his picture books, but also in all of his Facebook posts. We have been Facebook friends for a couple of years now and he provides daily entertainment.

David Michael Slater is also the author of the popular Sacred Books series for young adults.


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  2. Way cool post. That author sounds great! I'm all about kids fiction...

  3. Nice post and terrific blog. Good luck with it.

    If you've the time, pop on over to mine. I'm a children's author, and my Bella and Britt series is doing well.


  4. Interesting... a legitimate picture book.

    Good luck with the challenge! You can still catch up!

    Dianna Fielding