Monday, April 30, 2012

Kids Books A to Z: R is for Rey

H.A. Rey and his wife Margaret were best known for their mischievous monkey Curious George. His antics made him so successful that all of these years later, he stars in his own movies and TV shows and numerous spin-off books.

The Reys were responsible for some other classic picture books, though. Pretzel is a story about the longest dachshund in the world. He is eager to impress a girl dog, but she wants nothing to do with long dogs. And then one day she finds him to be quite helpful!

Spotty is a story of a little rabbit who is different from the rest of his family. He has spots all over his body, while the rest of them are all white. So, he takes off to see the world and to be accepted for who he is.

Where's My Baby? teaches children about animals and their babies.

H.A. Rey also created children's books about his fascination with astronomy. The husband and wife team created numerous other children's books over their years, with easy-to-recognize letters and illustrations. Several generations later, they are still beloved by children everywhere.

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