Thursday, April 3, 2014

'Good Morning Sally: The Dumbo Octopus Book' by Angelina Beckham


A fun story for boys and girls, primarily ages 5 and up. Good Morning Sally features a Mother, Father and daughter family of octopi, plus a neighbour friend: spiny blue lobster 'Jack'. Colour and counting exploration, brilliant colour illustrations, sculptures, and fanciful illustrated poetry and lyrics. Story is a relaxing and refreshing 'no drama' tale, perfect for bedtime or cuddle time. Beginning Reader and Advanced Reader sections. Manners, Love, and Respect are evident themes. Includes photographs, poetry, lyrics and visual glossary in rich full colours that invite further exploration. A 'My Favourite Animals' book Available in paperback, ebook audio book, and hardcover. Audio book sample is also available.
**FREE on 4/3/14!!**

About the author:

Angelina Beckham is a mother to 5 sons. She loves sharing old-fashioned values with them. She loves teaching them how to cook and bake so that they can be self-sufficient as adults. But one of the most exciting hobbies for her besides introducing childhood stories about her favourite animals and animal and monster movies with her children, is to explain why she has a collection of these action figures, toys [and other memorabilia].

Her 'My Favourite Animals' series is based on animals that she grew up playing with in her backyard, treehouse, playhouse, and is also based on animals that she and her sons are fascinated with today.

It matters not if most people think the creatures chosen for her series look 'ugly'; to her and her sons they are beautiful, valuable additions to the planet; and she intends to share these with young readers, and old, alike.

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