Sunday, March 11, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books About Easter for Kids

On this beautiful Sunday morning, there are three new e-books for children about Easter that are free. These freebies will probably not stay free for very long, so grab them while you can! Remember to check the price next to "Buy" and not "Prime" when trying to determine if they are still free.
Don't have a Kindle? Download a free reader app for your smartphone, tablet or computer by clicking here. Or, purchase a Kindle Fire for optimum picture e-book reading.
The Story of the Jesus Tree
 The Story of the Jesus Tree by Maureen Mangiardi is an inspriational tale about Jesus' final days. Its creative story appeals to both children and adults and will stay with you well after reading.
Get your copy for Kindle here.
Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

 Why Do We Celebrate Easter? by Mark I. Sutherland was written as an answer to his own children's questions about Easter. He couldn't find a valuable resource that explained the reasoning behind the holiday in a way that fulfilled his children's questions. So, he teamed up with illustrator Julie Hammond to create a picture book that can help others explain the story of Jesus.
Get your copy for Kindle here.
One Egg That Is New: An Easter Egg Counting Book

 One Egg That Is New: An Easter Egg Counting Book by S.E. Pearl is a simple rhyming book that teaches young children how to count from 1 to 10. It engages children with colorful illustrations of Easter eggs.
Get your copy for Kindle here.
I have downloaded free copies of all of these books for myself, though I haven't yet read them. Stay tuned for my reviews. Please share your thoughts with me and happy reading!

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