Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stop It!


Stop It! by Sally O. Lee is about a bully. His name is George. George likes to pick on his big sister Anabel by stealing her dress-up clothes and harassing her cat. The day that George picks up Lulubell the cat by her tail, Anabel has had enough and screams, "STOP IT!" She tenderly picks up her beloved cat, loves her and caresses her. George is shocked and returns Anabel's princess wand to her, as an apology. Anabel accepts George's apology, anoints him as king, and he never bullies her again.

I love the illustrations in this book. Sally O. Lee has created her own watercolor paintings. They remind me a lot of those in Kevin Henkes' books.

As for the story, I think that it will speak to really young children. In some respects, I feel that calling George a bully for picking on his sister is a little extreme, as that is just being a stinky little brother. But hurting an animal is definitely not okay, and I believe this part is what truly makes him a bully.

I like that Anabel stands up for herself and her cat, quickly regaining composure after her explosion. She demonstrates love and compassion by taking care of her cat, giving little to no attention to George's antics, other than to distract him from hurting her cat. And I like how she quickly forgives him and boosts his self esteem by making him the king of the domain.

Young children are going to enjoy this book and probably relate to it. It also provides a great springboard for discussions, either within the home, or within the classroom, about bullying, being friends, and forgiveness.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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