Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Am an Individual

I Am an Individual by Deborah Jean Lane is a book geared toward helping children be proud of who they are. It's quite catchy, and reads well in a big, excited, sing-songy voice, that will make it even more appealing to children when they hear it. They will probably also start marching around chanting, "I'm an individual, an individual indeed!"

The book also seeks to point out that despite the differences between us, be it skin color, or choice of activity, we need to celebrate those differences. The differences make us unique and special. They make us individuals.

For younger children, the idea of being an individual is quite vague. This book will have to be used as a foundation for conversations and activities that help children identify what makes them an individual.

Illustrations are simple black and white drawings. They would have also been wonderful in color, yet the simplicity speaks to the simplicity of the message contained within the book.The pictures can also provide a springboard for the children to think of ideas on how they can celebrate their own individuality.

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