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'Worry Wart' by Lisa Kildahl

Book Description:

Chloe Lore is a worrywart. She is a sweet young girl, but she worries about everything, even things out of her control. Chloe is anxious all the time until she realizes that she doesn’t have to worry anymore. Get to know the world of Chloe, her family, and friends as you learn about being able to take control of your own life.

**My thoughts**

Many children are going to be able to relate to Chloe, who has a tendency to worry about all kinds of things. She worries about her friends, her dog, getting hurt, and so much more that is out of her control. These are all typical fears and worries of young children. But Chloe worries so much that she ends up growing a "worry wart" on the end of her nose! Some children will laugh at this. Others, who are extremely anxious, may worry that they are also going to have a growth on their face! They will need to be reassured that this is just a story.

Chloe suddenly realizes that she doesn't need to be so worried all of the time. Her wart disappears and she is very happy again! It's exciting that she isn't worried anymore, but there is a big jump from her being anxious to suddenly deciding she doesn't need to be anymore. There are no words of wisdom from anyone, just a picture of her and her mother smiling in the mirror as they look at her clear face. It feels like there should have at least been a comment from someone or somewhere that told her she didn't need to worry, instead of her simply deciding it on her own. Young children usually need some guidance to come to that kind of realization, especially if they are anxious.

An explanation is present after Chloe celebrates being worry-free. The line about us being the potters and shaping the clay of our lives is a great metaphor for life, but will have to be explained to children, because it is abstract. A lot of discussions can be had with children, either on an individual basis, or even in small group settings, following a reading of this book.

Children may enjoy the rhyming text of the book and the illustrations that are reminiscent of those classic holiday claymation specials. It's definitely not the most familiar style of modern illustrating, but is nice to have something a little different!

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