Friday, February 15, 2013

Kids Review 'Vicky Finds a Valentine'

For Valentine's Day this week, I read the story Vicky Finds a Valentine to my students who are ages 4-6. We read it in two short sittings, due to time constraints. When we finished it today, they burst into applause! Here are some of their specific comments about the book:

"I liked this story. I think you should write more stories like this, because you are good at writing stories." ~~Q., boy, age 4

"It reminded me of when I gave [the teachers] my valentine." ~~ M., boy, age 4

"I thought of Shadow Kitty, who is my special friend and valentine." ~~T., girl, age 5

"I thought of my mom and my dad and my sister and my ferret, who are all my special valentines." ~~B., girl, age 5

"Vicky Has a Valentine was a very nice book because it kind of made me think of finding a valentine. That's why I liked it." ~~N., boy, age 6

"I liked the book. the birdie was funny." ~~V., girl, age 5

"I liked it at the end of the book, because I liked it when the girl said she would be the lovebird's valentine." ~~J., boy, age 5

"It was a good story. I liked it a lot." ~~A., boy, age 6  

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  1. Awww, thank you, Andrea! This is so special. I'm so glad your students enjoyed reading Vicky for story time. I'll definitely be sharing this one on my FB page <3