Sunday, February 3, 2013

'Izzy the Whiz and Passover McClean' by Yael Mermelstein

Book description:

Izzy the Whiz is an amateur inventor who, right before Passover, creates a super duper machine that whirs and purrs and munches and crunches and miraculously cleans the entire house just in time for the holiday – but not without creating havoc along the way. A fun, crazy, rhyming tale a la Dr. Seuss.

Moms will wish they had a cleaning machine such as the Passover McClean that Izzy the Whiz creates to help clean the house for Passover. Only, they will want it to work properly! A fun rhyming read for families to enjoy during the Passover season, or anytime.

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Visit illustrator Carrie Hartman's website/portfolio and her blog.

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