Sunday, March 11, 2012

4 Free Alphabet Books for Kids

Children need to learn letters and their sounds in order to learn how to read. The Montessorian in me will point out that it is more important that children learn the phonetic sounds before the letters, to avoid confusion. (How many children can identify the letter "c" but always say its sound is /s/?) These children's e-books for the Kindle are free today. Some may stay free for a limited time; others are perpetually free. Be sure to check the "Buy" price and not the "Prime" price before you click on the purchase button, to verify how much it is.
Don't have a Kindle? No worries. Download a free Kindle reading app for your smartphone, tablet or computer. Or, get your own Kindle Fire for maximized children's e-book reading.
Funky Flowers 4-in-1

 The Funky Flowers 4-in-1 set of first e-books by author Funky Flowers includes two alphabet books, as well as one on counting and shapes. The two alphabet books are divided by lowercase and upper case. Supposedly they do work on a regular Kindle, but obviously the hand-illustrated pictures are optimized for a color screen.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Anne's Amazing Animal Alphabet
 Anne's Amazing Animal Alphabet by Robin Casbarian is an alphabet book with a focus on phonics. Multiple words beginning with each letter are put into a sort of tongue twister on each colorful page.
Get your Kindle copy here.
The Big Book of Phonics: The Alphabet
 The Big Book of Phonics: The Alphabet by Suzy Morris is a simple alphabet book. On each page children see a large upper case letter with a picture of an object that begins with that letter. At the bottom of the page is also the name of the picture. Use it as a storybook or like flashcards.
Get your Kindle copy here.
My Alphabet Pictures: A Simple Big Photo Book
 My Alphabet Pictures: A Simple Big Photo Book by Dinesh Rajan is just what its title implies: a simple alphabet book with large vibrant photos that represent all of the letters.
Get your Kindle copy here.
 I have not yet personally read any of these books, so I do not yet have any reviews. I did download all of them, though, to take advantage of their free status. Which ones did you choose? What did you think of them?

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