Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why Am I Special? by Sharmen Lane

Why Am I Special? by Sharmen Lane is a book designed to empower young children to discover their own unique gifts that make them special. It is a great read-aloud book, as it flows smoothly in its verse and I think the message is easily delivered. Children will enjoy hearing it and even trying to read along.

The print is in that fun script with a bunch of curliques that looks good on the page, but young children may have difficulty discerning the letters. The illustrations are vibrant, but look like they were inserted via a clip art program. Nevertheless, they do add a feeling of cheer to the positive message.

I think parents and teachers could have fun with this book by trying to recreate their own version on their own word processing program, asking the child to contribute his or her own reasons why (s)he is special.

$14.95 seems a little steep for a small paperback book, but if I understand correctly, Sharmen Lane donates a portion of the proceeds to various children's charities with which she is involved. She is also a motivational speaker, as well as a writer for, as am I.

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