Saturday, July 16, 2016

Baby Wants Mama by Nancy Loewen on sale!

Baby Wants Mama

In this fun, family-themed picture book, another busy day has come to an end. Everyone in the family wants something. But what do they ALL want? Supper!
Sale-priced through August 5th!

About Nancy Loewen

Nancy Loewen has published nearly 130 books for children, including The LAST Day of Kindergarten, Baby Wants Mama, the Writer’s Toolbox series, and The Other Side of the Story series. She’s received awards from the American Library Association, the New York Public Library, and the Association of Educational Publishers. Nancy lives in Saint Paul and is a devoted walker and collector of weird things. Find her on Facebook and visit her website at

Monday, July 11, 2016

Lulu and Lainey...a French Yarn by Lois Petren

Lulu and Lainy...a French Yar

Lulu loved to knit.

So begins the charming tale of a little French girl and her favorite ball of yarn. In a flurry of activity after a soccer game, the beloved ball of yarn is lost – or so we think. A heart-warming adventure ensues involving a most unlikely cast of characters.

For every child who has lost a favorite object – may it always find its way back home…

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Doggy Finds Her Bone (Ella the Doggy Book Series) by Jayne Flaagan Free 6/16-6/17

Doggy Finds Her Bone

Ella has a problem in book two of “Ella the Doggy " book series.

In "Doggy Finds Her Bone,” Ella knows that she has a big, juicy bone somewhere, but she cannot remember where she left it.

Ella looks and looks for her bone. First she looks inside the house, then she goes outside and looks for her bone.Ella looks everywhere for her bone, including in the bathroom and even a stinky old shoe!

Ella the doggy's bone is hard to find. She gets very tired, but she never gives up until she finds her bone!

Some of the educational concepts covered are colors and prepositions such as "under, "over," "on," inside, and not quitting until you achieve your goal!

Because of the full-color photos and interactive text, this book will appeal to children of many ages, from toddlers to grade school children!

With your purchase of "Doggy Finds Her Bone" in paperback, you will receive a link to a FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD of "Doggy Finds Her Bone!"

Take a sneak peek inside at a few pages!

Remember to check out the other books in “Ella the Doggy” book series, including: “Doggy’s Busy Day,” “Doggy Loves Autumn,” “Doggy Celebrates Christmas,” “Doggy’s Minnesota Winter,” and “Doggy’s Favorite Colors!

About Jayne Flaagan

Jayne Flaagan grew up in North Dakota and made the big move to Minnesota many years ago. She lives with her husband and her goofy dog named Ella. She also has three great children. Jayne's education and experience includes many years in both Elementary and Early Childhood education. She also has degrees in Advertising/Public Relations and French and can speak Spanish. She loves to travel, read, do crossword puzzles, take walks and spend time with her family, as well as having various other hobbies and past times. Books have always been a big part of Jayne’s life and reading to children is something that she feels is critical to every child's learning success.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Learn Languages Through Stories by One-Third Stories

A children's book that starts in English and ends in a different language to help kids learn in the most enjoyable way possible.

Support the Kickstarter Campaign to fund this amazing project!

Early language learning is so important. Studies and personal experience demonstrate that the earlier you expose a child to a second language, the easier it is to learn. It can also lead to greater skills in other school subjects, as well as increased communication skills that aid in making new friends around the world and help in many careers. 

The creators of this project have been passionate about finding innovative ways to expose children to learning new languages and came up with this clever book idea. It's not based solely on a whim and imagination, but on proven methods of language learning that anyone can use, as well as their own personal studies. Also unique and amazing is that they have taken the ideas of young learners and converted those into parts of the stories. Backers can even vote on their favorite ideas.

Already they have reached their initial goal to get the project going, but also wish to keep expanding upon the dream to expand upon what is offered with this book. 

Alex and Jonny, the co-founders of One-Third Story, have one of the most comprehensive and detailed Kickstarter campaigns I have ever seen. They provide previews and mock-ups of the book and some of the extras, as well as a very detailed plan of action and early reviews. All of your questions will be answered when you read through it. If you have more, simply ask!

Click here to learn more about the One-Third Stories project to Learn Languages Through Stories.

The Brownie Tree by Danton & George Villalba

The Brownie Tree

The Brownie Tree tells the story of Bobby and his magical journey and the importance of learning to share with others.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Learn the ABCs With Lucky Cat Using Food

Learn the ABCs With Lucky Cat Using Food

Help your child learn the alphabet with this simple yet fun ABCs book filled with colorful images of food and cartoon characters featuring Lucky the Cat and his friends.

About Tim Frady

Tim Frady is a health enthusiasts, author, and webmaster. His books show his wide range of interests including health and fitness, science fiction, and cartoon characters.

Having grown up when cartoons still came on Saturday morning, Frady remembers the magic of those classic, zany characters of yesteryear, and tries to recapture that same spirit in his children's books. Most of his books attempt to provide information, or in the case of children's books, offer a book that parents can use to teach kids.

Nutrition is a big focus of most of his books as Frady is a firm believer in taking responsibility for one's health and fitness.

The Adventures of Danny and the Stickman (The Adventures Begin) by Barbara R. McGreal

The Adventures of Danny and the Stickman

Being an only child has it challenges. Danny knew that all too well and spent time playing alone. Who knew that a birthday present given to him by his mom would change his world in such an amazingly magical way? Join Danny and the Stickman and get ready for some exciting adventures!

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