Friday, August 19, 2016

ABC's With Molly and Me by Candy Johansen

ABC's With Molly and Me

A kids alphabet book containing photo illustrations starring a pug named Miss Molly Mia. This book encourages interaction between your child and Molly and your child and you. Molly tells your child what she is doing with a letter of the alphabet, then she asks your child a question. Molly will help your child learn his/her alphabet and your child will fall in love with Molly.

About Candy Johansen

Candy Johansen went back to college a second time to pursue a bachelor degree... in Photo Media with a minor in Journalism. She attended the University of Kansas. She graduated in May 2014. She has a passion for writing and telling stories. Her first ebook was a small book about a raccoon that she raised and set free. It's called, "Raising Sis." She is currently working on her first novel and expects it to be finished in the summer of 2016. The "ABC's With Molly And Me" book is the first in the set of Molly books and is now on sale on Amazon. Candy is planning on starting on her master degree in Journalism in the fall and is hoping to teach photography and journalism at the college level. Candy's website is: and her blog is:

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