Sunday, April 26, 2015

'Daniella the Dinosaur Has Dinomania' by Jenna Caroline Maddix

Story description:

Daniella is a dinosaur at Mesozoic Elementary. She loves to sing in the choir and act in every school production. That is, until she finds out the next show is a musical and there is a dance audition. The musical is called Dinomania and it's all about dancing. Daniella loves to dance but not in front of anyone. She has a very unique dancing style. Will Daniella get over her fear of dancing in front of others and give it all she's got--dancing and all?

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About the author:

Jenna has been writing, for what feels like her whole life. Her first story was in middle school for an extra credit assignment and was given additional points for being so creative. Creating is definitely a passion and it's given her unique opportunities before she started writing children's books, including one of her favorite experiences—writing PSA’s for astronauts to encourage kids to stay in school.

Jenna worked for NASA Johnson Space Center for close to 10 years in the Public Affairs Office. During that time, she coordinated film shoots for TV networks such as Discovery Channel, History Channel, and National Geographic. She also coordinated kid-centered outreach events to area hospitals, worked in the newsroom during Space Shuttle missions, and did lots of writing, from feature articles and press releases to PSA's. She left in 2012 to care full-time for her son, who was born with a rare, genetic condition called Lowe Syndrome.

When Jenna isn't writing or thinking of a new, unique story idea, she enjoys spending time with her family and is regularly involved with community theatre.

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