Thursday, March 19, 2015

#FREE 3/19 'Gnomes of the Night' by Itzik Klein


Between brushing his teeth, taking a shower, and being a kid, Ryan can't be bothered with another chore.

That is until his dad warns him about the Night Gnomes, who snatch up misplaced items and may claim them as their own.

At first, Ryan doesn't listen, but when his discarded shoes go missing, he has no choice but to use his secret detective skills and so he braves the night in search of the mysterious gnomes. What he finds, though, is even more than he bargained for.

In this wonderfully illustrated children’s book, funny, rhyming story, with great children book characters, young Ryan shares a few laughs with his Dad while he unravels this mystery.
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*FREE* 3/19*

About the author:

There is nothing in the world that Itzik loves more than spending time with his family. Whether they are reading books, watching movies, listening to music, or just talking and learning from each other, there is no more cherished time of day than when he is surrounded by his wife and three kids. Because of his love for his children, and in order to help other people share quality time with their families, he finally decided to shirk his 9 to 5--more often 9 to 9—job and dust off his writing gloves in the hope that many more families will be able to connect in the same way that his now can.

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