Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'Sana, Sana' por Indi Avila


Words are magic. With them you can communicate, create closeness, express affection, anger, sadness ...even heal. By reading to our children, we introduce them to the magic and power of words.

In "Sana, Sana", Indi Avila recalls the old formula used in every corner of the Spanish-speaking world to cure children's boo-boos. There are endless variations of the rhyme, but only the true, traditional one can provide a cure.

With endearing illustrations by Kristine March, parents will evoke their own childhood memories while creating new memories with their children.

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About the author:

Indi Avila grew up in a Spanish speaking home in Miami, FL. Her Cuban family wished fervently that she be brought up knowing the language and traditions of their homeland. She graduated with honors from Georgetown University with a BA in French. She then earned a Masters in Education at the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Harvard. Since 1998 Indi has taught languages to children and adults. She lives in Southern California with her daughter, whose boo-boos she has made all better by using the traditional "sana, sana colita de rana" rhyme. Indi's enthusiasm, creativity and love for languages inspire her to share language and culture through teaching and storytelling.

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