Tuesday, December 17, 2013

#FREE 12/17-12/18 'The Adventures of Crog and Zog in the Land of Frogs and Toads' by Emily A. Cabot


Frog Toad adventures will keep your child delighted as this precious frog tale unfolds. In The Adventures of Crog And Zog In The Land Of Frogs And Toads, frog and toad are friends, teaching your children important lessons about getting along with those who are different from them. This story features the frog prince Crog and his friend, Zog, who decide that when frog and toad are friends, everyone's life is better off.

In this delightful book, your child will stay on the edge of his seat while learning of the trouble that frog and toad get into throughout the pages of this book. Your young child will meet the friendly ducks who can make frogs fly,and learn about the thrills of adventure while our young stars visit the place where frog and toad all year live together. Because of the exciting nature of this children's book, like the other book in the frog and toad series, your children will learn that being brave enough to face the unknown can take them to marvelous places that they had only before dreamed of visiting.

Emily A. Cabot goes all out in this frog tale, giving children the opportunity to learn important lessons while remaining safely within the realm of comfort for a children's frog prince story. Since frog and toad are friends in this book, your children are introduced to the always challenging concept that just because you are different from someone else doesn't mean that you can't be friends.

Within this second book featuring the frog prince Crog, your child will be delighted with colorful drawings and playful illustrations that bring the frog and toad drama to life in your hands. Your child will want to read about frog and toad all year long, quickly becoming one of their favorite tales to be told at the bedtime setting

As frog and toad together gives the story a feeling of unity and delight, your child will fall in love with these playful characters from the frog and toad series all over again in this newest adventure. 

The time spent with your child reading these tales will create fond bedtime memories that your child will cherish for the rest of their lives. Don't delay, get your copy of this tale of frog toad today, and open your child's mind to the delights and wonders of the imaginative world of Emily A. Cabot's delightful story.

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Author Bio:

Emily A Cabot was raised in a country setting near Towson, Maryland. She loved her country home and vowed city life was not for her. Her Mom and Dad would take her to New Hampshire and Vermont in the summer and she was determined that one day New England would be her home.

Emily attended the University of Vermont in Burlington Vermont and when her husband Mark was transferred to the Chicago area, she completed her degree at Northwestern University.

It was a dream come true when her husband Mark was transferred back to Vermont. They decided to live in the Northern part of the state near the Canadian border.

As a child, Emily would love to write short children's stories and she decided to begin her writing career. Her first real story is about frogs, thus the name "The Adventure of Crog the Frog Prince".

She wants her books to be easy to read with great illustrations and lessons of life for young children.

She and Mark love reading stories to her children, Asa and Eli.

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