Thursday, August 15, 2013

'Sand Cat (Amazing Creature Series)' by Tanya Turner


Did you know that there is a cat that lives in the desert? Yes, there is one and it is called a sand cat. A sand cat is not like the tabby cats or the domesticated cats you may have in your house.

A sand cat is a beautiful creature that lives in the wild. Learn more about the amazing characteristics of the sand cat that helps it survive in the harsh weather condition of the desert and its unique animal behavior.

''Sand Cat: Do Your Kids Know This Animal? Amazing Creature Series '' is a wonderfully written book with cute sand cat pictures for your kids to discover more about this magnificent creature that lives in the desert.

Have a copy of this book now and enjoy learning about the sand cats!

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About the author:

Tanya is a mother of 2 kids, and she likes to write and create fun reading materials for her own kids. While she was creating these materials, she found out there should be more kids reading these content to have fun with. Tanya likes to write or create content especially kids under 10 years old, because her kids are aging 6 and 2.

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