Saturday, January 19, 2013

'Last Night I Had a Laughmare' by J.E. Laufer


Judy Laufer’s delightful new picture book, Last Night I Had a Laughmare!, takes sleepyheads of all ages to a magical world of bedtime adventure where nothing is EVER quite what it seems! Star-hung swings? Purple hair? Shoelaces made of spaghetti? These are just a few of the surprises in store for visitors to Gigglyville…and the town’s silly residents love to have company. Bring your own chair and join Liverlips, Smellyfeet, Purplepudding and Dishes on an exciting romp through a place where special wishes are granted, snowballs are made of ice cream, and readers will be laughing ‘til morning. 

Advance Praise

"I commend your creativity and would highly recommend these books for young children"

— Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Ph.D.,
Professor and Director of Clinical Training, McGill University, Montreal , Que., Canada

"Children who are learning to read and talk will love "Last Night I had a Laughmare!" Test marketing has shown that picture art and rhymes blend beautifully for this age group. This story will not only hold the children’s attention, but give them the wonderful sensation that they are part of the story and frolicking with the characters.. My grandchildren can’t get enough of these stories! I only hope that Judy Laufer creates more lovely tales like this one, as I am tired of being coaxed into reading the others over and over and over…."
— Clive Cussler
New York Times Bestselling Author of American Adventure/Thriller Novels

"Looks like we may have the next Dr. Seuss! What an imaginative, creative and delightful story...
We all know that laughter is the best medicine!"
— Dr. Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Professor, School/Applied Child Psych
"Move over Dr. Seuss and make room for ‘Dr. Laufer!’ Okay, I don't know whether J.E. Laufer is a doctor or not, but I can say with certainty that her new children's bedtime adventure book, Last Night I Had a Laughmare, can be favorably compared to Dr. Seuss stories. Zany characters, crazy adventures, engaging rhyme and delightful illustrations––it's everything a child would want in a picture book!"
— Lynda Exley, co-author of Arizona Way Out West & Wacky and
Arizona Way Out West & Witty, the 2012 ONEBOOKAZ for kids winner

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About the author:

Born in Budapest, Hungary, J.E. Laufer immigrated with her parents and brother to North America as a young child. An educator by trade, Judy has spent more than 25 years in early childhood education, her experience ranging from a decade in the kindergarten classroom to program administration and curriculum development. Inspired by the innocence and boundless imagination of children, Laufer loves to laugh and enjoys opportunities to share her optimism and love of life with others. Her first picture book, Where Did Papa Go, helps young children through the grieving process and is the recipient of the World Society of Poets’ Golden Poet Award. Raised in Montreal, Canada, Judy now lives in, Arizona with her husband, Dr. Nathan Laufer, and their son, Andrew.

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