Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free Counting Books for Valentine's Day

While browsing Amazon today, I found these Valentine's Day counting books for kids listed as free. Click on a book cover to check them out and to download them yourself.

Please note that the free status of books can and will change, often without notice. These are all free as of the time of this posting.

A Book Of Hearts - Counting Numbers 1 - 10

Book blurb from Amazon:

Children have fun counting hearts on Valentine's Day! (Numbers 1 -10)

Written and illustrated for children (age) 2 - 4

Best viewed in color on iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire

Click here to download for Kindle.

Lassie's Valentine Favorites: A Counting Book from 1 to 10

Count to 10 with Lassie the Teddy Bear. Here are her Valentine favorites. Have fun counting with Lassie.

Click here to download for Kindle. Also available in hard copy.

A Valentine's Day Counting Book

Book blurb from Amazon:

Counting fun from 1 to 10, for babies to age 3.
Simple flash card style counting using your favorite Valentine's Day icons.
"One BIG hug," "Two love-birds," "Three lovely ladybugs"

Click here to download for Kindle.

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