Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Michael Berenstain...

Dear Michael Berenstain,

We read the Dinosaur Days book that you illustrated for your parents in my class today. The kids loved it and wanted to send you a letter. So, here are some things that they had to say...

~~"I loved the book so much. I used to not like dinosaurs, but now I do like dinosaurs. This is the best book ever. I have that book, but never read it before. I know it is great now." ~~J., boy, age 5 1/2

~~"Thank you for the book." ~~B., girl, age 5

~~"The book was great. I also liked it because I got to learn some different names of dinosaurs."~~N., boy, age 6

~~"I want to send you some rainforest and Africa books that I made." ~~M., boy, age 5

~~"I like the dinosaur book you made." ~~Q., boy, age 4

~~"I liked the T. Rex." ~~M., boy, age 4

~~"I like dolphins and T. Rexes." ~~K., girl, age 3

~~"I like dinosaurs. My favorite one is the velociraptor, because it is the fastest runner." ~~W., boy, age 6

 Thank you, so much for the book!

Miss Coventry, Ms. Boltwood, and their class

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  1. If those aren't terrific reviews, then I don't know what is :) Congratulations!