Thursday, July 12, 2012

Help me celebrate my birthday with a giveaway for kids!

My birthday is coming up in one week. My father died a few weeks before my birthday last year, so I didn't feel much like celebrating. This year, I am determined to make up for it a bit! (And it is kind of a significant number.) Therefore, I am going to have a big giveaway across my blogs!

One giveaway is going to be geared toward children through teens. One is going to be for adults. And a third will be geared toward parents and teachers.

Each one is going to include a gift from me, in the form of a gift card. I am also including a couple of books that I will donate to each blog. My fellow writer friends are also chipping in and sharing ebooks and swag and hosting the giveaways on their blogs and pages.

Would you like to be a part of this? You can let me know if you want to donate a book, swag or whatever. In exchange, I will profile your product and give you one or two entries on the Rafflecopter. This way we all get something out of it! The fun begins on July 19th!

Contact me via my profile page or by emailing books(at)montessoriwriter(dot)com.


Photo by Brandon Rittenhouse on SXC.

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