Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Vegetables Book: A Smarty-Pants Series Picture Book for Children

I love the concept behind the Smarty-Pants series for children. Simply include real photographs of objects, with each book based on a particular category. Label them accordingly. Voila - a great supplement for real-life experiences.

In the book about vegetables, the authors decided to go beyond the traditional peas, beans and carrots that we usually use to teach children. They also include leafy vegetables, such as cabbage and even yellow bok choy. I like that they also include asparagus and Brussels sprouts. These may not always be palatable to young children, but they should still be included.

My only questions with the content of this book are sage, which I always thought of more as an herb (flower) instead of a vegetable, and tomatoes, which are actually fruits.

Otherwise, I love the simplicity of the book. I love how it uses real photographs. The Montessorian in me prefers to use real pictures as much as possible. I just wish it were also available in a physical format, for kids to easily access again and again. They could even take it with them around the house or store to find these vegetables.

Formatting note: When I read this on my Kindle app on my Droid, all of the pictures and words lined up appropriately. But when using the Cloud Reader on my computer, sometimes the words and photographs ended up on different pages.

I managed to snag a copy of The Vegetables Book when it was free for Kindle. The rest of the time, it is listed at a mere 99 cents, which is a bargain.
Get your Kindle copy here.

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