Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things That Twirl

I came across the book Things That Twirl as I was perusing the free Kindle books on Amazon. It is a short rhyming story that is written, edited and illustrated by Eric Demont Smith. In the story, a little boy named Billy Joe goes to the zoo on a school trip. He encounters a variety of animals, each character doing its own little twirl or dance of excitement throughout.

It is definitely a cute story. The flow of the rhyming words actually works and does not seem forced. The illustrations look like they were made by a young child. That being said, it leaves me a little confused as to whether Eric Smith is a child or an adult. The words indicate a much older child or an adult.

Regardless, it is a cute story to share with children. He says in the introduction that it is a song as well as a nursery rhyme. Unfortunately, there is no music to accompany it. You could possibly come up with your own tune.

I read the book on my Kindle Cloud reader on my laptop. I then skimmed it on the Kindle app on my Droid. The formatting on the Droid is better in that the words and pictures are on separate pages. It seems off on the laptop. This indicates one of the reasons that I do not like to read picture books as ebooks.

I actually wish that there were more pictures than the two that are included with the story. A picture book begs for more. But it would be fun to share the story with children and to encourage them to create their own illustrations for it. They could even try to write about their own trip to the zoo.


  1. I have a hard time finding any relevant information about Eric Smith. Who is he? I liked the book too, very cute and children seem to love it.

  2. its a cute story that is very unique