Sunday, May 29, 2011

F is for Froggy

Kids love the Froggy books by Jonathan London. They aren't necessarily my favorites, but I can put up with them.

Froggy has the usual prescribed adventures that are so common in children's series. He learns how to swim, how to ride a bike, plays with each parent in turn. The catch phrases in each book are his mother yelling "FROOOOOOOOOOOOOOGY!" and his "WHAAAAAAAT?" reply. He usually does something that causes him some embarrassment and looks "more red than green." The books all follow a formula, which allows for the repetition that kids like. His experiences are conceivably familiar to children.

I haven't read as many of the Froggy adventures in the last decade. My students are not bringing them in to share and they are not books that actively seek. I don't think I even own any of them.

Peruse a couple and see how you feel about them.

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