Saturday, April 2, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge

Ok, I give in. Since starting the A to Z challenge for other blogs, I keep having children's books ideas popping into my head. Now, I may not be able to post for every letter. They may not necessarily end up coming out when they are supposed to. But, it will be worth a shot.

I also won't necessarily be doing one of my real reviews. I think for this challenge, I will be featuring some favorite authors, book series, or even characters. That will be a fun way to categorize it.

I also plan to utilize my Amazon Associates store. Each post will include a widget of recommended books that follow each topic. Please feel free to shop around. You benefit from getting some great new books. I benefit from making a tiny percentage off of each sale made through my links.

Thanks in advance for the support, and happy reading!

Other blogs I have entered in the challenge:

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1 comment:

  1. My teenagers still love Author and can quote their favorite episodes from the TV series. I liked the values portrayed in the books. Good choice!