Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sexuality and Teens


Sexuality and Teens: What You Should Know About Sex, Abstinence, Birth Control, Pregnancy, and STDs by Stephen Feinstein is an educational book geared toward teenagers, published by Enslow Publishers. It starts out by covering how views about sex and sexuality have changed over time, particularly in the last 5 decades. Teens used to not engage in sexual activity, and if they did, it was looked down upon. Times started to change during the sexual revolution of the 1960s, and now sex is everywhere. It is glorified on TV, in movies, advertising, and more. Many myths about sex are developed, and teens are not always educated in their rights and responsibilities.

Sexuality and Teens also covers the topic of birth control, emphasizing that both parties are responsible. Various forms of contraception are discussed, including both female and male condoms, birth control pills, IUDs, and more. A description of each method is given, along with statistics about its use and reliability, plus how to obtain it. Emphasis on proper use is given.

The chapter on teen pregnancy begins with a story about a pregnant teenager in 1970, then discusses the options for a pregnant teen today. It provides a list of questions every girl should ask herself, before she becomes sexually active, to make an informed decision in the event she becomes pregnant. Topics include the abortion debate, as well as closed vs. open adoptions and keeping the baby. Common myths are addressed and dispelled.

STDs are rampant amongst teenagers today. This chapter talks about the dangers of STDs, while detailing the symptoms, permanency, and treatment of the most common. It also discusses methods of preventing the spread. It tries to demonstrate the harsh reality of having an STD, while aspiring to clarify rumors, and providing statistics.

A final chapter tackles the debate of sex education for teenagers. Some believe only abstinence should be taught, whereas others wish to tackle the topic in full. This book serves the latter purpose.

The end of the book includes a glossary of terms and organizations that teens can contact for more information.

The book reads like a textbook that is geared toward children about 13 or 14 and older, which is probably its goal. It very carefully travels that thin line between opposing sides of belief about teens and sexuality, by presenting both sides of an argument. It provides a great deal of information in the form of statistics and research studies. Photographs also serve to bring some reality to the topic. It also seems to be fairly complete in topics covered, though more on the reality of raising a baby as a teenager could be beneficial.

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A review copy of this book was provided by Enslow Publishers.

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