Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Millionaire Kids Club: Putting the "Do" in Donate

Putting the "Do" in Donate
is the second book in The Millionaire Kid$ Club series by Susan Beacham and Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. In this book, Dennis is all excited because his grandfather gave him a $100 bill on his own birthday, as he saves money to donate every year. The stipulation is, he isn't allowed to spend it on himself. He wants Dennis to go out and do something good with it.

The friends aren't sure what to do with the money, but in class that day, their teacher Mrs. Berry is talking to them about donating. She talks about how the food pantry's shelves are almost bare. When Dennis offers to give her the $100 from Grandpa George, she refuses it, saying that it wouldn't solve the problem. Instead, she encourages them to put the "do" into donate by giving of their time and talents.

The four kids strategize ways to make extra money through odd jobs around the neighborhood, lemonade stands, and donating old toys and belongings to supplement the food at the food pantry. They invest the $100 as seed money to get their project started. In one weekend, they manage to turn that $100 into $1000 for the food pantry.

Will kids always have such success in a similar situation in real life? Not necessarily. But that does not negate the important lessons learned in this book. Children today don't understand how much they can do to help others, through their actions as well as through monetary means. They don't understand the value of that $1. I think this book should be used in classrooms as a launching point for children to come up with their own projects to give back to their communities. And, while the younger ages may not understand it as well, the foundation of a giving nature can still be laid.

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