Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Just Am: A Story of Down Syndrome Awareness and Tolerance

I Just Am: A Story of Down Syndrome Awareness and Tolerance
is written by a Bryan Lambke, a young man with Down Syndrome. He uses real photographs from his life, with captions, to illustrate that he actually is quite capable of performing certain activities that are perceived to be "normal". But what is normal? And who is really perfect?

Also included in the book is a short interview with Cheryl Rogers-Barnett, daughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Her sister also was born with Down Syndrome. Tom Lambke asks her some very poignant questions about their experience back in the 1950s.

Other resources provide statistics, facts, and guidelines for interacting with those with Down Syndrome, at the back of the book. Numerous others have already endorsed this book.

The language comes straight from Bryan's heart, and the pictures speak volumes. It's nice to see a book written by a person with Down Syndrome who can actually work toward dispelling some of the associated myths and stereotypes. It's the kind of book that needs to be in every library and taught in every classroom, to help children learn to be more tolerant of the world around them.

I was honored to receive a copy of this book to review, and to be able to interview Tom and Bryan (stay tuned for that piece).

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