Sunday, December 13, 2009

Clean-Up Time, a Toddler Tools Book

Clean-Up Time
is a part of the Toddler Tools books written by Elizabeth Verdick and illustrated by Marieka Heinlen. This one gives young children the tools needed to successfully clean up a playroom or classroom at the end of the day. The teacher quickly distracts the children from whining and complaining and turns clean-up time into fun. It even uses fun rhyme to encourage them to look around very carefully with their eyes to make sure everything is cleaned up. Children often don't see all of the bits of paper or crayons left behind on the floor and need gentle reminders to clean them up. And it reminds them that once clean-up of this fun time has ended, it is possible to move on to more fun time!

Though this book takes place in a classroom, parents can also use it at home to remind children that they need to clean up there, also. Parents can help their young ones clean up, as the children help each other clean up in this book. One picture has the teacher holding a large basket, into which the children are placing the cars. Children will need help learning how to break down their cleaning tasks, in order to be successful. Cooperation and collaboration, whether at home or at school, are key.

As always, as the end of the book are tips for parents and caregivers to help children be more successful in their clean-up time efforts.

Again, this book is another beneficial addition to any bookshelf used by preschoolers and toddlers.

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I received a copy of this book for reviewing from the publisher, Free Spirit Publishing.

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