Thursday, November 12, 2009

Golden's Rule by C. E. Edmonson

Golden's Rule by C. E. Edmonson is interesting, as it is a dual story-in-one. The main, wrap-around story is about Maddie Bergamo, who is a 14 year-old girl. She is well on her way to the Olympics as a basketball player, and to an Ivy League school on scholarship. She is beautiful and smart, with a fantastic group of friends.

When she receives a devastating diagnosis following a collapse at a basketball game, she begins to lose some of her spark. To help her cope, her mother gives her the diary of her slave ancestor, Golden Lea. Golden Lea's story of fighting for freedom in a time of slavery gives Maddie the hope and inspiration to fight for her life in a time of medical imprisonment.

The two stories don't quite mesh well in the beginning, and I found myself wondering why they were both there. But as the story went on, it was becoming more apparent how much strength and inspiration Maddie was receiving from Golden Lea. Granted, it wouldn't make sense for the answers to be readily apparent at the very beginning.

I've always been interested in reading slave stories, so that alone made this book appeal to me. Also interesting was the medical aspect, which seems to be a new trend in books lately. And always attractive is an author who is willing to share proceeds with organizations, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Also interesting is that the character of Maddie is biracial, which seems to be a new theme in many books I have recently read. To me, it is a sign of the times, and can help more children who are searching for their racial identity. We have a biracial President, and it is no longer taboo to talk about it.

I also appreciate how this book is one of many that are now featuring stories of children who have serious medical conditions. Again, such topics often seemed to be taboo, and there were few stories that actually dealt with children suffering from medical conditions.

While it's not necessarily a book that I am going to read time and time again, I did enjoy it in one sitting.

Stay tuned for a Q&A with author C.E. Edmonson.

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