Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Boy Named Ash: Ash Finds a Girlfriend by Ian Justice Illustrated by Alex Bjelica

The Boy Named Ash: Ash Finds a Girlfriend

A sizzling kid adventure book you will not be able to put down!

"The Boy Named Ash: Ash Gets a Girlfriend" is a kid adventure book that brings you into the world of Ash, a young confident boy from Duffield, VA with a wild imagination which usually puts him and his friends in a sticky situation.

Ash leads his friends and his dog named Pugsly on adventures around their town as his wild imagination puts them all into all sorts of sticky situations over and over again.

In their first adventure, Ash embarks on a quest to find a girlfriend.

Read this book to read about the adventure of Ash, his wild world of imagination and if he will eventually get the girlfriend of his dream.


About Ian Justice

Ian Justice may be 9 years old but that hasn’t stopped him from channeling his creativity into written form. From Virginia himself, Ian will soon be publishing his first book in a series. His love of writing was sparked by watching his father write a book and it wasn’t long before he put his own pen to paper.

Initially mimicking his father’s story and using his own friends as the main characters, Ian then hit the drawing board and created his character, Ash. Ian has drawn from his own environment and experiences with his writing and lets his imagination run free in order to develop his stories. Like Ian, Ash grew up in a small town and is in the 4th Grade. Both Ian and his character also own a Pug named Pugsly.

While Ian still attends school he is now dedicated to writing, in addition to enjoying computer games like Minecraft, Agario and Steam. His love of self-expression through story writing will be the motivator of the next books in the series as we follow Ash’s adventures as well as his newest story that follows 2 aliens, Toby and Tim on a Mission around the Galaxy!

Find him online:

Website www.readaboutash.com

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